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The Fallen is a race of demons from the Aerials species in the series. These demons are for the most part related to Darkness, most of them have the trend of resisting Darkness or ailment attack. The Fallen demons are usually Neutral-Chaos except in Shin Megami Tensei and Majin Tensei II where they are Dark-Chaos, in Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo Mokushiroku there are two races: the Datenshi are Dark-Chaos and the Futenshi are Neutral-Chaos. They can be thought of as a Neutral version of the Tyrant. In religion they are fallen angels that sided with Lucifer in his rebellion, whose bodies were twisted and made ugly upon their defeat.

A majority of the Fallen demons come from the Ars Goetia, a 17th century grimoire. Samael, Abaddon, Baphomet, Ukobach, Arioch, Gagyson, Melchom, Mithras, Abraxas, Betelgeuse, Satan, Adramelech and Abdiel are the odd ones out with many of them classified in other races across the series.

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