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This is a event where you need to collect especific items, which you can trade for useful resources and get rewards when certain conditions are meet, there are two types of Collecthatons, new limited time quest areas and generic quests, most of the time these event are ranked and separated on two different parts, where missions rewards and leaderboards ranking resets.

SP effect

Some demons receive a multiplier when doing event quests, they receive:

  • Increased gain of event currency
  • Incresead EXP gain
  • Increased Macca gain

they can be indentify with the following icons:

SP Effect Icons
Golden Units Icon Golduniticon.png
Silver Units Icon Silveruniticon.png

Golden Units are always the event featured demon, and have a higher multiplier than Silver units.
The multiplier can very per event, the more golden units less it is.

Silver units are always 2 especific demon races, and they changed when second part of the event comes.

Generalist Prelim
Tier Demons
Innate Auto LuciferP4.jpg

NyarlathotepP2.jpg ArdhaP2.jpg Agni.jpg Garuda.jpg Hresvelgr.jpg

Extra Multiplier

Mot.jpg Masakado A.jpg

Tier 0

Nyarlathotep.jpg Mahakala.jpg LuciferP4.jpg Ardha.jpg

Tier 1

Ishtar.jpg Titania.jpg Anubis.jpg Izanami.jpg Lucifer.jpg


Wu Kong.jpg

Generalist Boss
Tier Demons
Utility Demons

P3Mot.jpg 3CUriel.jpg Beelzebub☆.jpg MichaelP4.jpg Abaddon A.jpg

Tier 0
Tier 1

Lucifer.jpg Indrajit.jpg

Tier 2