Mother Harlot/Builds

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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP
PVE PVP Offense Defense
Mother Harlot.jpg Mother Harlot
Any ArchTeal.png 5 8 8
  • Babylon Goblet drains MP from all enemies while providing her MP sustain, allowing her to loop the same attack over and over even without Divine Brands.
  • Teal gives her Drain Phys, ideal for pairing with Rama. Notably, she is the only Drain Phys unit that can function as a magic sweeper.
  • Has access to discounted Debilitate in Yellow, letting her play a more support role if needed.
  • Works very well with slow Ailment teams. When paired with a P3 Samael or her own P1, Death Lust lets her charm without consuming press turns, and increases her damage dealt.
  • Force weakness
  • Full Almighty kit means she is shut down hard by Five Elements
  • Low AGI and high MP costs makes her unsuitable for fast teams.
  • Countered very hard by Daisoujou clearing her charms and punishing her for using them.
  • The MP drain aspect of Babylon Goblet is less useful for PVE, as the AI has infinite MP. It does allow you to replenish her MP indefinitely though.