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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP
PVE PVP Offense Defense
Camael.jpg Camael
Purple Red Purple A S S
  • Camael is an incredibly powerful MP denier unit. With One Who Sees God, at the start of each enemy turn, he does a 60 BP Physical Light chain that bulwark pierces, drains 1 MP, and inflicts a new Spirit Chains of Indignation effect twice to the enemy with the lowest HP, raising their MP costs by 6, going over 10, and preventing passing. Each turn the opponent takes removes one stack. This means any demon that has a skill that costs over 4 will need to have a max MP of 11 or above to even begin to have a chance to cast their skills. This chain will only activate 3 times.
    • One Who Sees God additionally grants Light Pierce, 70% HP, 100% crit rate, and restores 2 MP to the team at the start of every turn. On top of that, it offers a Tarukaja and Rakunda effect at the start of each turn.
  • Impure Sword of Light is another Spirit Chain of Indignation source, doing 260 BP Physical Light damage with 50% crit rate, adding a stack of Spirit Chains of Indignation, and ignoring endures, while also generating a press turn once per turn.
  • Brightness Incarnate granting 20% light damage and 20% acc gives Camael exactly what he needs to help sweep and actually hit his attacks.
  • P1 makes Impure Sword of Light a 4mp skill, meaning it can potentially be cast even with Spirit Chains of Indignation effects on him, and the panel also grants Light damage. P2 grants Null Mortal and teamwide 20% acc, and P3 grants more damage and acc for Camael, making his panels useful, but not entirely mandatory either.
  • Versatile in every single kind of team, from slow teams to fast teams, because of his myriad of MP effects, high damage, press turn generation, and large health pool.
  • Null Phys and Tetraka Shift transfers can help punish demons that don't have Phys Pierce affected by Spirit Chains of Indignation. Consider stacking these effects and teammate evasion to help keep your team alive.
  • Weak to Ice.
  • His effects are all physical, meaning he needs accuracy investment on top of damage and potentially bulk to survive.
  • Even with Demeter and P1, he still can't cast Impure Sword of Light immediately if he's affected by an enemy Spirit Chains of Indignation on the first turn if his team goes first, so going second can be very important. Phys Pierce (weak) transfers can help alleviate these issues.
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