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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP Democalypse
PVE PVP Offense Defense Prelim Boss
Ananta.jpg Ananta
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 1 3 3 3 1
  • Purple provides all 3 Auto-Buffs, which is incredibly strong
  • Reasonable bulky with 3 Nulls makes him a decent support demon. War Cry or Recarmdra can be transferred to increase his support potential.
  • Works well in slow double Intimidating Stance teams, and can be deliberately left at level 1 to lower battle speed if used as a pure buff bot.
  • Weak to Force
  • Buffs disappear after a wave is cleared in PvE, so Auto-Skills aren't as valuable there.
  • Relies heavily on transfer skills to function well. Unfortunately most good transfer skills are Gacha-only.
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PvE Builds

PvP Builds