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Fairy Eclipse (July/August)

Demon List

Recommended Skills & Demons

If you transfer Zan (from Pixie) to all of your demons and focus your attacks on the boss, it’s definitely possible to clear all stages with base 2★ or lower (evolved to 4★).
Magical Attackers
Titania.jpg Titania
Has an extremely high Magic stat + knows Elec Boost, and no weaknesses
Oberon.jpg Oberon
Has a very high Magic stat + knows Force Boost. Though Oberon also has a high Strength stat, it’s recommended to use him as a magical attacker because of low Agility and Luck.
Silky.jpg Silky
Has a high Magic stat, knows Bufudyne.
High Pixie.jpg High Pixie
Has a higher Magic stat than Silky, no weaknesses, and easy to get skill points because 2★.
Pixie.jpg Pixie
Free 4★ that comes with very high Agility stat.
Physical Attackers
Setanta.jpg Setanta
Has a high Strength stat, and has both a single target + AoE phys skill.
Kelpie.jpg Kelpie
Has a high Agility stat.
Pyro Jack.jpg Pyro Jack
/  Jack Frost.jpg Jack Frost
High Magic stat, wants to be Yellow Awakened for Baton Pass, and has both single target + AoE magic.

Recommended Party Compositions

Balanced Party

Demon 1 Demon 2 Demon 3 Demon 4
ArchPurple.png Titania.jpg Titania ArchTeal.png Setanta.jpg Setanta ArchYellow.png Pyro Jack.jpg Pyro Jack ArchYellow.png Jack Frost.jpg Jack Frost
Titania is the magic attacker, Setanta is the physical attacker, and Pyro Jack + Jack Frost supports the rest of the party with Baton Pass to get as many turns to the attackers.

Budget Party

Demon 1 Demon 2 Demon 3 Demon 4
ArchRed.png Pixie.jpg Pixie ArchRed.png Silky.jpg Silky High Pixie.jpg High Pixie Kelpie.jpg Kelpie
Zio Zan Zan
Zio Zio

Stage 9 Strategy + Info

Magic Attacker Magic Attacker Supporter Supporter
Silky.jpg Silky High Pixie.jpg High Pixie ArchYellow.png Pyro Jack.jpg Pyro Jack ArchYellow.png Jack Frost.jpg Jack Frost
Zio Zio
Zan Zan

Liberator: Templar Dragon

Wave 1
  • Play as usual, killing the Angels first with Zio and healing up with Life Stones before heading into wave 2
Wave 2
  • Use Mazio on High Pixie, while focusing down a Blob with Silky. After 1 Blob is down, take down the Horus and leave the final Blob alive. Heal up with Life Stones + Pass to all your members to get Max MP before heading into the next stage.
Wave 3
  • This is the RNG wave. As long as you can survive going second, you’ve got this in the bag.
  • First, kill off the Hanuman with Zio + Mazio, and then before your turn ends, make sure to use a Repel Mag (Makarakarn) Mirror.
  • Forneus will either use Fog Breath, Mazio or Bufala, and if it uses Mazio or Bufala the turn will end for them. Kikuri-Hime’s only offensive magic is Maragion, which would’ve probably been fatal for Silky + Jack Frost if you didn’t have the Makarakarn mirror up.
  • Focus down the Kikuri-Hime with Zio, and you should come out with a victory! If you can’t down the boss before your turn ends, use another Repel Mag mirror.