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A transcript of the dialogue from Megakin's Dx2 Quests can be found here. Note: errors are preserved.


-- Megakin Video --

Megakin HELLOOO MEGATUBE! Here's today's vid!

Megakin This is Megakin, and I'm feelin goood!

Megakin Do y'all remember the plan I toldja 'bout last vid?

Megakin I'm gonna get a bunch of kids together for that special event!

Megakin Thanks to everyone that applied! It's enough to make me cry, y'all!

Megakin So let's make the event a good one! Only 3 days to go!

Megakin But don't worry if you can't make it! I'm gonna stream it live.

Megakin So let's just all have a good time yo. Megakin out!

-- Hideout --

>As usual, Megakin's videos are getting an amazing number of views.

Megakin Hey, [Protagonist]. You doin' anything?

Protagonist Not really. / I'm watching your vids.

Megakin Hey it's the one I just put up. Thanks for watchin'. (If second choice picked)

Megakin If you've already seen the vid, then this won't take long. I need a favor. fast.

Megakin It's about the event I mentioned in my vid.

Megakin There's this app that's hella popular among kids at the moment.

Megakin Actually, it got popular because I featured it in a vid, but whatever.

Megakin For this event I'm trying to get the kids who play the game

Megakin together in RL. So they can play and hang and stuff.

Megakin I got the venue booked and put out the call. Now I'm just waitin' until the big day.

Megakin But there's a problem. One helluva big problem.

Megakin It's the Acolytes.

Megakin There were some emails in among the event applications that were from dummy accounts.

Megakin Shiang Sun looked into 'em for me and we're sure it's gotta be the Acolutes,

Megakin They gotta be up to sumthin'.

Megakin The Acolytes must know who I am. Man, it ain't easy being successful, y'know?

Megakin But I can't just cancel the event.

Megakin The kids are lookin' forward to it.

Megakin I figure you've guessed by now what I'm gonna ask, right?

Protagonist Yeah. (Law) / Nope.

Megakin Way to go, newbie! I knew you'd get it! / You serious? Damn, you can be slow sometimes.

Megakin Basically, I want you to help out with event security.

Megakin I got the others helpin' out too.

Megakin Just do what you do best, newbie!

Part 1[edit]

-- Tokyo --

Megakin First up, we're gonna meet up with the event's special guest.

Megakin They're always top of the leaderboards in this game the kids are playin'.

Megakin You could say they're the game's No.1 player.

Megakin They go by the handle "Nyan2".

Megakin I haven't told them we're commin'. That's also due to security.

Megakin Think about it.

Megakin All the Dx2s are gonna be patrollin' the venue.

Megakin That's gonna make life difficult for the Acolytes, right?

Megakin So what are they gonna do?

Kazufumi They'll try to swap the special guests with Homunculi before the event starts.

Megakin Correctomundo! Good call, Kazufumi Fukumoto!

Protagonist You're... / Why is the butler here?

Kazufumi You're surprised to see the store manager here?

Kazufumi It is a butler's duty to assist his master, regardless of the circumstances.

Megakin I didn't know you were such an outstanding butler.

Megakin I thought you only worked to earn money for your research?

Kazufumi The situation is indeed as you have surmised.

Kazufumi However it isn't often I receive a request from Megakin himself. I could hardly refuse.

Kazufumi Which brings us to the task at hand...

Megakin Oh yeah, right. "Nyan2".

Megakin I think there's a chance she could be targeted by the Acolytes.

Megakin They might try to replace her with a Homunculus to get through event security.

Megakin If they're plannin' an attack, that's the most obvious way, yo.

Kazufumi In other words, we've come to warn her.

Kazufumi Isn't such a plan a little underhanded

Kazufumi even for the Acolytes?

Megakin The Acolytes never play by the rules.

Megakin But yeah, this would be a new low, even for them.

Megakin I reckon it's the kinda thing some Acolyte small fry would cook up to gain some cred within the organization.

Kazufumi Oh, that would make sense. How bothersome.

Shiang Sun (Call) Megakin!

Megakin Hey, yo! 'Sup!

Shiang Sun (Call) It's Nyan2!

Shiang Sun (Call) I'm tracking her with cameras along her school route, but we have a problem!

Shiang Sun (Call) This strange looking girl started following her home.

Shiang Sun (Call) There's no way they're from the same class.

Megakin Blingo! Looks like your man here was right on the money!

Megakin Shiang Sun, keep monitoring the situation.

Megakin We're headed her way now.

Shiang Sun (Call) Rodger!

-- Road --

Nyan2 *Hums*

>The girl appears to be in a good mood.

Kazufumi Since she's a top ranking player, I expected someone less... normal.

Kazufumi She looks like a regular junior high school student.

Megakin Yeah, that game requires some serious skillz. She's just naturally gifted.

Megakin That's why the community respects her. And that's why we invited her to the event.

>A suspicious looking man can be seen trailing behind the girl.

>All of a sudden, he makes his move!

Megakin This is bad!

Kazufumi It is of no concern.

>A shadow suddenly opens up beneath the man's feet.

Suspicious man ...?!

Inugami *Growl*

>An Inugami demon appears from the shadow and coils around the man's feet.

Suspicious man ...?!

Kazufumi I thought that something like this might happen, so I set a bit of a trap.

Megakin I knew you were an outstanding butler all along!

Megakin Yo, that's far enough, you pervert!

Suspicious man !

>The man turns around, his face expressionless.

Megakin Okay, Homunculus. We've been waiting for you!

Megakin Let's take care of him before the girl notices!

-- Combat --

Megakin Okay! Are there any more lurkin' about?

Kazufumi There doesn't seem to be.

Megakin Then let's escort the girl home.

>You call out to Nyan2 as you catch up to her.

Nyan2 Oh! It's Megakin! Are you really him?

Megakin Hey there, Nyan2! Whassup?

Megakin We were just headin' over to see ya.

Megakin Let's go over the details of the event. With your folks too, aight?

>Megakin is explaining the event details at Nyan2's house.

Kazufumi While we're here, let's set up a perimeter around the girl's house.

>Kazufumi takes something out of his bag.

Kazufumi This is a good luck charm. A protection talisman.

Kazufumi If we stick these around the perimeter, they'll prevent any demons from getting inside.

Kazufumi These aren't my area of expertise so they aren't much.

Kazufumi But even I can use items.

Kazufumi The same goes for the Inugami I set to trap that Homunculus.

Kazufumi The items aren't exactly cheap,

Kazufumi but I owe Megakin one so this the least I can do.

Kazufumi I became a butler for all you odd people for much the same reason.

Kazufumi I'm actually a folklore researcher, you know. Sigh. How did I end up like this?

Protagonist "Owe him one"? / Do you owe him money?

Kazufumi Actually, I...

>At that moment, Megakin returns with Nyan2.

Megakin Kept you guys waitin', huh?

Megakin We've finished going over the event plans, so we can start headin' back.

Megakin Thanks for seeing us off, Nyan2.

Nyan2 Don't mention it. Thanks for coming, Megakin!

Nyan2 I'm looking forward to the event!

Megakin Yeah, me too. Lookin' forward to seeing ya on the day, Nyan2.

Nyan2 You can count on me!

>Nyan2 goes back inside the house.

Kazufumi You look pretty happy, Megakin.

Megakin Hmm? Nah. I just realized sumthin', s'all.

Megakin Being "happy" ain't bad

Kazufumi Like the way all your subscribers make you happy?

Megakin Yeah, sumthin' like that.

Megakin Alright, we are gonna make this event happen, no matter what!

Megakin Are you two hyped yet?

>Megakin grabs you and Kazufumi by the shoulders.

Kazufumi Sigh. I don't deal well with hype...

Part 2[edit]

-- Office --

Kota Hey there Megakin! I've been waiting for you.

Megakin Hi, Mister Kota.

Megakin Thanks for seeing us. We appreciate it.

Kota Not at all. I've been looking forward to it. Now, about this event...

Kota Even I've been really getting into that game recently.

Kota I've lost count of how many times I've almost missed a deadline as a result! Haha!

Kota Now, about that illustration for the prize giveaway...

>Megakin and Kota continue to discuss plans for the event.

Kazufumi That's Mr. Kota. He's a professional illustrator.

Kazufumi He's been invited as a special guest as well.

Kazufumi Of course this is for his protection.

Kazufumi Since Nyan2 was attacked, it's highly likely that Mr. Kota will be targeted as well.

Megakin Yo. Kept ya waitin', huh?

Kazufumi Have you finished talking with Mr. Kota?

Megakin Yep. S'all good. The main event starts now though.

Kazufumi Rika was left on lookout duty. Has she reported anything?

Megakin She's spotted some dodgy lookin' dude. Probably comin' to attack Mr. Kota, just like we thought.

Megakin Say, newbie. Whaddaya think?

Megakin The Acolytes are obviously targeting the event, right?

Megakin Should we call it off?

Protagonist Cancel it. (Law) / Go ahead.

Megakin I see. Well, that's one way of doin' things.

Megakin But here's what I think...

Megakin Hmm?! Get down be quiet y'all.

>Signaling that you be quiet, Megakin moves up and crouches behind a vending machine.

Megakin Is that... Mr. Kota?

>Mr. Kota comes walking out of the lobby.

Megakin Sumthin's not right. He should still be in office back there.

Megakin Ain't no way he coulda come outta the office without noticin' us.

Kazufumi Meaning that that's one of the Acolytes' Homunculi.

Kazufumi They must be planning of switching places with Mr. Kota.

Megakin Yeah, it's pretty obvious what they're up to. Makes our job easier though.

Megakin Let's go, [Protagonist]. We're gonna surround his ass.

>[Protagonist] circles around the back of the suspicious looking man.

Megakin Hello, Mr. Kota. Is sumthin' wrong?

Megakin You were supposed to meet us hours ago.

Kota? Oh... Megakin. Did I keep you waiting?

Megakin Nah, don't worry about it. Either way, this'll be over quick...

Megakin ... you imposter!

Kota? Hmph...

>As the fake Mr. Kota tries to run, [Protagonist] circles around and blocks his path.

-- Combat --

Megakin Anyways like I was sayin' before,

Megakin maybe we really should cancel the event.

Megakin But I really don't wanna hafta do that.

Protagonist Why not? / You're being selfish. (Chaos)

Megakin Yeah, you may be right, I won't deny it. (If second choice picked)

Megakin But this event is for the kids, yo.

Megakin I reckon they're really lookin' forward to it.

Megakin Some have probably already told their friends.

Megakin So if we suddenly just cancel it,

Megakin everyone's gonna be real disappointed, y'know?

Megakin Didn't you ever experience sumthin' like that when you were a kid, newbie?

Megakin Sumthin' that adults did that really let you down?

Megakin Like cancellin' a trip at the last minute?

Megakin That kinda stuff happens all the time. Hey, usually it can't be helped.

Megakin When you think back on it when you're older, it's usually minor stuff.

Megakin But that doesn't change how you felt as a kid. That shit was real.

Megakin I don't wanna use my channel to make kids feel like that.

Megakin Even if life is tough,

Megakin I want 'em to at least have fun when watchin' my vids.

Megakin That's the sort of Megatuber I wanna be.

Kazufumi Be that as it may, don't you think you're being selfish?

Megakin That's our butler. Straight to the point as always.

Megakin But yeah, you ain't wrong. I'm being selfish.

Megakin And I ain't gonna give up.

Megakin I won't let anyone interfere with this event. I wont let anyone steal those kids' happiness.

Kazufumi Looks like you didn't just drag us along out here for the fun of it.

Megakin Ya never know when we might need extra security. So bear with it a bit longer guys.

Kazufumi No need to concern. I'm used to it by now.

Kazufumi I've got your back for as long as it takes.

Part 3[edit]

-- Stage --

Megakin This is where I'm gonna hold the event. I wanna double check it next.

Kazufumi We should thoroughly check that nothing's been planted or sabotaged.

Megakin In other words, let's "check it out".

Megakin Do your thang, Butler. Protective talismans, demon traps...

Megakin It's all good as long as it keeps the Acolytes out.

Megakin Don't worry about the cost. Just do it.

Kazufumi As usual, you become surprisingly generous when it comes to things like this.

Megakin It's things like this that I save my moniez for.

>The three of you inspect the venue and set up various defensive measures...

Kazufumi This place is bigger than I expected.

Megakin It's gotta be big because all the cool kids are gonna turn up, right?

Megakin The bigger the playground, the better.

Kazufumi To think that a single Megatuber can afford to rent out a place of this size...

Kazufumi I guess times really have changed.

Megakin Yep. The times, they are a changin'.

Megakin Streamin' vids are a major form of entertainment these days.

Megakin People can enjoy both watchin' and makin' 'em.

Megakin Although there are some that use 'em as a tool to spread negativity.

Megakin There's also people like us spreading goodwill and makin' vids that viewers have fun watchin'.

Megakin And we do it all independently, got it?

Megakin Although this does help to promote my channel too, so I ain't complainin'! Lol!

Kazufumi Now that you mention it, back when you first started,

Kazufumi there was no way you could have afforded a place like this.

Megakin Hey, Butler, why you gotta dredge up the past?

Kazufumi Did youknow, [Protagonist]?

Kazufumi Megakin was once a wannabe rap artist.

Megakin "Wannabe"? That's harsh, man...

Kazufumi But when he switched to making videos, he suddenly became the hero of Megatube.

Kazufumi Times really have changed.

>Just then, you spot a suspicious looking silhouette in the darkened event space.

Suspicious woman ......

Megakin Looks like we got a visitor. Let's do this!

>You jump out in front of the silhouette.

Suspicious woman ...!

Megakin Hey, yo!

Megakin Whatcha doin' sneakin' around back there, Miss Homunculus?

>As the Homunculus looks up, her chest cavity begins to open.

>Inside, you can see something that looks like a time bomb.

Megakin A bomb, eh? I called it.

Kazufumi I'm sorry, Miss, but if you don't have a ticket we're going to have to ask you to leave.

Megakin Exactamundo. Let's do this!

-- Combat --

Megakin Phew. It's a good thing we double checked this place.

Megakin I should tell the others about this.

Megakin Newbie, stay here with the butler, aight?

>Megakin walks off.

Kazufumi Wait. Where did Megakin go?

Kazufumi I was going to give him his invoice.

>The figure on the invoice has an awful lot of zeros...

Kazufumi It's the cost of all the items I used. Oh, and my fee for disarming that bomb.

Kazufumi Don't worry. Megakin can easily afford this much.

Kazufumi And I haven't charged him for anything else.

Kazufumi Like I said, I owe him one.

Protagonist "Owe him one"? / He has dirt on you? (Chaos)

Kazufumi Interested in knowing more? / No, I owe him a favor, that's all.

Kazufumi Well, it's not like it's anything I'm ashamed of. (If first option picked)

Kazufumi To put it briefly, he financially supported me for a while.

Kazufumi You see, even within my field of folklore research, I'm considered a bit of a heretic.

Kazufumi I mean, I'm researching local demons and magical charms, after all.

Kazufumi My research grants had all been cut off. It was to be expected, I guess.

Kazufumi It was then, while I was utterly at a loss as to what to do next,

Kazufumi that Megakin approached me and offered to cover my research costs.

Kazufumi More precisely, he arranged a crowdfunding campaign to get the money together.

Kazufumi That's just like him, isn't it?

Kazufumi I was so grateful.

Kazufumi After that, I started playing Butler in that building of his.

Kazufumi I thought that if he was going to help cover my costs, I should at least try to make myself useful.

Megakin Hey, what are you two talkin' about?

>Megakin appears behind you, peeking at the invoice.

Megakin Whoa, is that the expenses for this gig? We really went all-out, eh?

Kazufumi Can you afford it?

Megakin No problem, no problem... *Nervous chuckle*

Megakin Ain't no amount of money in the world that's too much for those kids' happy faces... *Nervous chuckle*

>Looking at him from behind on the way home, Megakin looked a little lonely.