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A transcript of the dialogue from Kangaroo Boxer's Dx2 Quests can be found here. Note: errors are preserved.


A few years ago in Taiwan...

Jeng Yun Devil Downloader...

Jeng Yun This is so hard to believe... but they, you really exist...

Jeng Yun Now that I've seen a real demon, I have no choice but to believe in them.

Jeng Yun ...Okay...

Jeng Yun If you say I have right qualities to be one... I'll do it!

Jeng Yun I'm not sure if my training will give me an edge against things like demons...

Jeng Yun but I'd like to try.

Jeng Yun I've always dreamed of becoming like a superhero.

Jeng Yun And how could I say "NO" to a bro,

Jeng Yun right Vagit?

-- Hideout --

Ririn Hey, [Protagonist]! I'm glad I found you!

Ririn Um, could you do something about those two?

>Ririn points towards Jeng Yun and Rika.

Jeng Yun Hum... I see... It looks good if I hold the gun this way...

Rika Y-Yes, that's right... but you can keep your shirt on you know?

Jeng Yun It's important for you to see my muscles ripple as I hold this gun for reference.

Rika Well I guess, if you say so...

Ririn Ri-ka-!! Don't let him...

Rika Don't let him... what?

Rika ... walk around half naked.

Ririn True... Can you please stop taking your shirt off?

Jeng Yun Hahaha... you're kidding right?

Jeng Yun I can't believe anybody would complain about seeing a body like this!

Ririn You're so full of yourself.

Ririn I don't wanna see bulging muscles like that, it makes me sick!

Jeng Yun Aww, come on! Who wouldn't wanna look at all this awesomeness!

Ririn Stop! Get away!!

Protagonist Nice abs! / That's sexual harassment. (Chaos)

Jeng Yun See, you get it! Now wanna feel it?! / Sexual harassment... wow that's a bit harsh isn't it?

Ririn OMG...

Ririn If you'd just shut up and drop this habit of yours...

Ririn But no one is perfect... kinda disappointing,

Ririn because you are strong, kind and just a really nice guy.

Ririn Did something happen to you that made you this way?

Jeng Yun You wanna take a guess?

>Jeng smiles and winks.

Rika You're so insufferable some times...

Jeng Yun [Protagonist], do you wanna join us and learn about guns?

Jeng Yun Knowledge is power.

Jeng Yun And Rika is a really good teacher.

Vagit I'm sorry I interrupt. Can you do that other time?

Ririn Wow, where'd you come from?!

Jeng Yun ...Vagit?

Jeng Yun What are you doing out of the Church of False Gods?

Vagit Privyet[1] Dx2's. I sorry this is emergency.

Vagit A very bad demon escape from Church of False Gods.

Vagit Can you help me, Jeng?

Ririn Oh... just Jeng? Why just him?

Vagit I have my reasons. Come, I explain as we walk.

Part 1[edit]

-- Tokyo --

Jeng Yun OK Vagit, I'm ready!

Jeng Yun I was thinking we could take the newbie here to help us, do you mind?

Vagit No, not at all. I trust you.

Protagonist Thanks! (Law) / What's up?

Jeng Yun So, can you explain the situation? (if 1st option picked)

Vagit Ah, so I explain now.

Vagit Well... we have problem.

Jeng Yun A problem? With a fusion?

Vagit Correct. During fusion unexpected demon appeared. Got away.

Vagit Usually this kind problem not occur.

Vagit But, this was experiment. Special kind of fusion.

Vagit This was no good.

Vagit Attis... the one that went mad appeared.

Jeng Yun ...!

Vagit You remember demon that made you Dx2, yes?

Vagit Also reason we meet in first place.

Vagit You no forget, Jeng?

Jeng Yun Of course not...

Jeng Yun We went after Attis, together...

Protagonist How you two met? / ...Still here you know?

Jeng Yun Ah, sorry about that. You do deserve an explanation.

Vagit Yes, we together, beat Attis once before.

Vagit In Taiwan, where Jeng is from.

Jeng Yun Stop it... thinking about it brings back a lot of memories...

Vagit ...Wait, I think we talk about old time later.

>Just then, you feel the ominous presence of a demon!

Jeng Yun This presence...

Vagit Is this... Attis?! Or something else...?

Vagit Te Gatova?[2] Are you ready?

Jeng Yun I am, let's do this!

-- Combat --

-- Taiwan --

Jeng Yun ...What... is this MONSTER!

Attis ...... *Anguished screaming*

Jeng Yun No! All those people...!

Jeng Yun ......

Jeng Yun ...I have no choice, I have to face it myself!

Jeng Yun Let's see if I can punch my way out of this one!

Jeng Yun Hey, monster! Over here!

Jeng Yun I'm gonna beat the shit out of you! You scared?!

-- Tokyo --

Jeng Yun It got away...

Vagit Hum... very fast.

Vagit This won't be easy as suspected.

Jeng Yun It was the same... back then I mean...

Jeng Yun We would find it and beat it, but it would get away!

Vagit Yes, remember I do.

Vagit [Protagonist] did you know?

Vagit When first fought, Jeng defeat Attis with bare hands.

Protagonist Really? / Is that even possible?

Jeng Yun Hahaha! These muscles aren't just for show you know.

Vagit I think he may be only one to beat demon with bare hands.

Vagit You have my respect for that my friend.

Vagit Of course you could do it because you had power, compatibility to be Dx2.

Vagit Though you were not Dx2 at time.

Vagit Most people would run in fear.

Jeng Yun Of course I was scared...

Jeng Yun It was the first time I'd seen a demon.

Jeng Yun But I saw all those people getting attacked and thought,

Jeng Yun what would my favorite superheroes do?

Jeng Yun They would save everyone!

Jeng Yun And I knew, all my training all my life had lead up to this,

Jeng Yun To becoming a Dx2!

Vagit ... You understand why I trust this guy?

Vagit He was meant to be Dx2.

Vagit Enough talk for now. Let us find demon,

Vagit before start killing again.

Part 2[edit]

-- Park --

Jeng Yun Where do you think it went?

Vagit I not sure... But I feel it, very close.

Jeng Yun Are you using your psychic abilities again?

Vagit Yes, my powers allow me connect, sense demons.

Vagit What is wrong? You no feel well?

Protagonist You're a psychic?! (Law) / Liar... (Chaos)

Vagit Haha, You no believe me?

Vagit But it is truth.

Vagit I was originally in Russian military.

Vagit ESP Research Unit, where did top secret psychic experiments.

Vagit There I became experiment. Trying to give me psychic ability.

Vagit We succeeded... I can now connect, sense demons. I cannot explain well.

Vagit But this allow me to do things. Fusion is one of them.

Vagit Device in the Church of False Gods was made based on that research.

Jeng Yun But the experiments did take a toll on you, didn't they?

Vagit ...Yes... the experiments, were... difficult.

Vagit I was lucky to keep sanity.

Jeng Yun I remember, that trip to Taiwan...

Jeng Yun You said that trip was to help recover from the trauma of the experiments, right?

Vagit You remember well.

Vagit That drawing you did for me... you helped me find peace.

Vagit Jeng is very good artist, you know?

Jeng Yun What I really enjoy is drawing manga, but I like drawing other things from time to time.

Jeng Yun You have a good profile, Vagit.

Jeng Yun So I felt inspired to draw you, and I'm glad you liked...

Vagit Shhh... Be quiet...

Jeng Yun Is he close?

Vagit Yes, He is close!

Jeng Yun Let's get him this time!

-- Combat --

-- Taiwan --

Jeng Yun That thing... is a demon?

Vagit Correct. It is the Insane god Attis.[3]

Vagit The Acolytes' homunculi must have summoned it...

Vagit But it seems out of control.

Jeng Yun The Acolytes? Homunculi? I don't understand?

Jeng Yun Who are you...?

Vagit I am Vagit Chekhov, a Liberator.

Vagit I would like to invite you. Join our group.

Vagit You defeated a demon with bare hands.

Vagit You will make great addition to our group.

Vagit Jeng Yun Tsai, this is the Dx2 app.

Vagit From now on, you are Dx2!

-- Park --

Jeng Yun It got away... Again...

Vagit I do not like this.

Vagit But he is weak. Should be close by.

Jeng Yun This time there's two of us. There's no way we could lose. Right, [Protagonist]?

>Jeng puts his arm around your shoulders.

Vagit I see. Trust very important in fight like this.

Jeng Yun Yes it is! [Protagonist] is a bit skinny, but they don't have a bad bod.

Protagonist Ah! Look out!! / I feel violated... (Chaos)

Jeng Yun What?! Where? I don't see anything... / Aww... don't say that. I mean well...

Vagit I remember I recruited you because of your strength.

Vagit So I understand you want to include other who have strength also.

Jeng Yun You said it! You really did give me a purpose.

Vagit Unless you became a Dx2, you would have died.

Vagit No matter how strong you are, people involved with demons

Vagit die younger than usual.

Vagit Most people cannot go back to normal life after encounter with demons.

Jeng Yun I didn't even think of that. *chuckles*

Jeng Yun All I have is gratitude for being able to put this power to good use.

Jeng Yun I have a feeling you were having second thoughts about your powers when we first met.

Vagit ...This is true.

Vagit After I left research lab, the Liberators helped me.

Vagit And when I was still having second thoughts, I met you.

Vagit So you probably helped me more than I helped you...

Part 3[edit]

-- Taiwan --

Jeng Yun Vagit, why did you join the Liberators?

Vagit Why not?

Jeng Yun Your power to sense demons...

Jeng Yun Could be useful to the Liberators' enemy.

Jeng Yun You said they were called the Acolytes, right?

Jeng Yun Why not join them?

Vagit ......

Vagit My body is now almost half demon.

Jeng Yun ...!

Vagit A result of side effects from experiments of ESP Research Unit.

Vagit I am monster...

Vagit I want to know if there is human left in me.

Vagit To make sure, you know?

Vagit Not to be used as tool by others but find my own way.

Vagit That is why I choose to be Liberator.

Jeng Yun I understand...

Jeng Yun All the more reason to beat that thing!

Vagit Attis? Why?

Jeng Yun *Laughs* It's simple.

Jeng Yun Beating the demon and saving everyone.

Jeng Yun How much more humane and noble can you get?

Vagit ......

Jeng Yun You are human, and a good one, too.

Jeng Yun That's why we have to do this,

Jeng Yun finish that demon off once and for all!

-- Warehouse --

Attis Aaaaaaaaaa!

Vagit We have him cornered.

Jeng Yun Yeah, let's finish this!

Vagit Remember, the last time we had it cornered?

Jeng Yun Of course! You asked me,

Jeng Yun "Jeng, will you help me?"

Vagit That's right. And you replied in Chinese,

Vagit "Of course my friend!"

Jeng Yun Heh, was I really that corny...?

Vagit Yes, but I didn't care. Will you help me again my friend?

Jeng Yun How could I refuse.

Jeng Yun Let's do this, together!

-- Combat --

-- Taiwan --

Jeng Yun ...It's finally over.

Vagit Thank you Jeng.

Vagit I could not have done it without you.

Vagit Spasibo.[4] I am glad we met.

Jeng Yun Me too, Vagit.

Jeng Yun But this is just the beginning, right?

Jeng Yun I'm a Dx2 now!

Jeng Yun Our fight has just begun!

Vagit ...This is true.

Vagit Every day will be a challenge.

Vagit Are you ready for it?

Jeng Yun Yes! I can't wait! I feel like I'm in one of my favorite comic books.

Jeng Yun How about you? Did you find the answer you were looking for?

Vagit ...Perhaps. I am more hopeful now.

Vagit If my power is used for good of people, for good of Liberators,

Vagit then I think I am content.

Jeng Yun I'm glad to hear it.

Jeng Yun ...Now to celebrate this moment I say we

Jeng Yun STRIP!

Vagit ......

Vagit ...What?

Jeng Yun Well, we fought well and worked up a sweat, so it makes sense to strip off and cool down!

Jeng Yun What? Are you laughing?!

Jeng Yun I thought you'd never laugh, you look so serious all the time.

Jeng Yun I can't waste this opportunity, I'm going to draw you.

Jeng Yun I'm really good at drawing you know.

Jeng Yun Come on now, don't be embarassed... *laughs*


Jeng Yun Come on guys! Let's get this party started!

Jeng Yun I love a good party!

Megakin What's this party for?

Jeng Yun To celebrate the defeat of Attis of course!

Ririn I thought you and the newbie here did that.

Ririn So do we really have to be here?

Jeng Yun Aww come on, don't be like that.

Jeng Yun The more the merrier, let's just enjoy the party!

Shiang Sun I'd better not regret this...

Kazufumi OK everyone, I got drinks.

Kazufumi These were a bit expensive but...

Arisa Poison filled cream puffs anyone?

Shiang Sun I think I'm going to regret this...

Megakin Where's the other guy that helped out?

Jeng Yun You mean Vagit?

Jeng Yun He's fixing the Fusion device. You know, so this doesn't happen again.

Jeng Yun It's OK, we'll have our own private party later.

Ririn You know you're speaking out loud, right?

Ririn You guys together or something?

Jeng Yun Together...? Hmm...

Jeng Yun I wouldn't say no if it was on the table!

Jeng Yun Hahaha!

Rika I really can't tell if you're joking... so annoying.

Jeng Yun Enough about that, take a look at what I made.

Jeng Yun This is a delicacy from the Tamsui District[5] where I'm from called Iron eggs.[6]

Jeng Yun These are basically boiled and dried eggs. Vagit loves them.

Jeng Yun He says it almost feels like eating demon eggs.

Jeng Yun Here, try one. Open up!

>Jeng shoves a black egg into your mouth.

>It has a rubbery texture, but actually tastes pretty good...

Jeng Yun You know, if nothing else, this mission taught me one thing.

Jeng Yun That I have the best friends in the world. That includes Vagit... and of course,

Jeng Yun You!

>Jeng winks at you, smiling broadly.

Jeng Yun I just wanted you to know that.

Jeng Yun Alright everyone, it's time to strip down!