Tempest Slash

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Type Description
Physical.png Tempest Slash | Demons | MP: 5 | Skill Points: 7 | Target: Random Enemies

Inflicts Phys (Physical) damage 2 to 5 times with 50 power on Random Enemy/(ies).

Lv2: +3% to damage.
Lv3: +6% to damage.
Lv4: +9% to damage.

Lv5: +12% to damage.
Demons to transfer skill from
Default / Gacha Archetype Demon
ArchRed.png Pallas Athena, Rakshasa
ArchYellow.png Dante
ArchPurple.png Chernobog
Demons with skill
Awakened Archetype Demon

Innate Skills

ArchClear.png Yaksini
ArchRed.png Jeanne☆, Kresnik, Oni