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  • Need Extension for Time ago, gotta ask Pyon
  • Maybe a link (on image?) that takes you to a seperate page, which has all the relevant info:
    • Tome amount
    • Black pot? etc
    • How many steps, special stepup etc
Image Start/End Date Featured Demon(s) Time Ago (since start) Tome Units
Tokisada Summon.png 22-4-2020 to 6-5-2020 Tokisada x days Tokisada
Golden Summon.png 22-4-2020 to 6-5-2020 Frost Ace y days -
MasaStepup2.png 15-4-2020 to 29-4-2020 Masakado z days Masakado
ArchangelRerun.png 26-2-2020 to 11-3-2020 Gabriel, Raphael or Uriel zz days Gabriel, Raphael or Uriel random
BayonettaEventSummon.png 19-2-2020 to 4-3-2020 Bayonetta☆ and Jeanne☆ zzz days Bayonetta☆ andJeanne☆ choose

Skill Gacha

  • idk how to seperate the 2 boxes as cleanly as possible
Image Start/End Date Featured Skills Time Ago (since start)
- 12-2-2020 ot 26-2-2020 Box 1: Epitome of Madness, Insanity, Epic Recovery
Box 2: Offensive Cry, Epitome of Aggression,Master Assassin
x days
Skill-11-02-2018.png 29-11-2018 to 12-12-2018 Megidolaon,Gigantomachia,Force Amp,Savage Glee,Evade y days