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  • This List shows the relative strength of a demon and how/where it can be used.
  • If you have any problems with evaluations/ratings here, feel free to edit them yourself (See How to Edit Section below), or discuss it with us on Discord!


  • The PVP Tier List compares demons in their Panel 3 form, with their skills leveled up, with good brands, and assumes the best transfer skills.
    • However a Tier List comparing demons solely in their Panel 0/1/2 forms would not be largely different from this one.
    • Demons who depend on certain panels to shine will have this noted in their Cons for clarity, along with their score rating at Panel X.
    • The PVE rating takes into account the difficulty of raising the demon (Demons hard to Panel while needing them etc.)
  • Neither the PVE nor the PVP grades take into account Democalypse. See Democalypse for a Democ Tier List.
  • The meaning of the PVP Ratings (both for Offense team and Defense team) are as follow:
    • Tier 10: Meta-warping demon. Insanely strong demon, the Metagame is either built around them or will be, once more people have access to their Panel 3.
      • Tier 10 PVP Offense: can absolutely destroys any defense due to the lack of skills/demons that are able to counter/mitigate their skills effectiveness.
      • Tier 10 PVP Defense: counters most offense teams, even having fully prepared offense team to combat them isn't a guaranteed victory. Their AI will also unleash their full potential regardless of the team composition faced.
    • Tier 9: Meta-defining demons. Extremely strong demons who cover roles/functions which are very important in the Meta and are the best demons at the roles. Tier 9 are either perfectly suited to fight against the Meta or are essential elements of Meta teams.
      • Tier 9 PVP Offense: there must exist a team that would allow the demon to beat any defense teams.
    • Tier 8: Very strong demons filling important roles/functions. Extrememly strong against any non-Meta strategies (from Mid to low-High Tier teams). They are somewhat suited to fight against the Meta but are imperfect at it. They also either do not totally fit in Meta teams or are outclassed by a Tier 9 demon covering the same role.
      • Tier 8 PVP Offense demons must still allow a high winrate in high rank, and can potentially offer a near 100% winrate in lower ranks.
    • Tier 7: high-Mid Tier demons. Every demons here are solid. They just have drawbacks that is greatly disavantageous against the Meta, or the role/function they cover may not fit the Meta. However all Tier 7 demons could be usable against the Meta or part of it, but as replaceable cogs within a team of Tier 8 and above demons.
    • Tier 6: Mid Tier demons. Can be very good in a narrow niche but have drawbacks that either 1) put them at an extreme disavantage against the Meta, 2) contradicts all their qualities, or 3) their qualities are hard-countered by the Meta. Also contains solid demons but which are underwhelming.
    • Tier 5: demons who get severly countered by Top Tier teams and cannot be used in any of them either. They also get beaten up by even Mid-to-High Tier rogue strategies. The demons may have some strong assets but are destroyed by counters that are easy and common even in lower PVP rank.
    • Tier 4: Nearly unusable against or in the Meta. Mostly underwhelming demons with a lot of weak points.
    • Tier 3 and lower: Hardly useful against most teams. Unfit for PVP even in low rank.
  • PVE ratings are more subjective but we still agree on one thing: a 10 in PvE can be used in pretty much every PvE Content and be very effective
  • Feel free to change ratings, but if you do explain your reasoning in the summary!
    • You are also free to discuss anything regarding this Tier List on the Discord.

How to Edit

  • Go to the demon page whose evaluation you want to change
  • Go to the Builds Subpage
    • For Example: If you want to change Yoshitsunes Evaluation, you would go to Yoshitsune/Builds
  • Change the TierData Template thats entered there.
    • Demon is the Demon Name; shouldnt be changed
    • pvebest1 to pvebest4 are the best Archetypes for this demon
      • Valid entries are Clear, Purple, Teal, Yellow, Red or Any
    • Same for pvpbest1 through pvpbest4
    • pve, offense and defense are for Ratings for the respective Content
      • See Rating Section above
    • pro and con are for the Strength and Weaknesses for the demon.
      • For better formatting, start each Pro/Con with a *, this results in a bullet point.

  • Please refrain from simply stating Panel Information or the likes. We want this to be a quick glance at the relative power and the role of the demon.
    • State where this demon can be used and how effective it is for this - or how it is not effective.

  • For actual Builds, please go to the respective Builds Page of the demon.

Adding Missing or New Demons

  • Edit the page and scroll down to the listing of demons which each look like... {{#lst:DEMONNAME/Builds|tierentry}}
  • Add a new line (Place them in abc order...) and insert.. {{#lst:DEMONNAME/Builds|tierentry}}
  • Update DMEONNAME to the name of the demon you want to add
  • Save the page
  • Update/Create the DEMONNAME/Builds page to have a page similar to: Yoshitsune/Builds (Use instructions above in 'How To Edit' once page has been created)

Icon Meanings

A demon can be a combination of flags below. Some demons can be very complicated about Flags they have available depending on how the demon was made available. Baal for example is available as both a Multi-Fusion (Clear) and as a Banner Required (Color). This means he will be listed as a Gacha and Fusible as he requires you to either Multi-Fusion his Clear version or pull his Color version.

Fusible Demon

Demon is either a normal Fusion or Multi-Fusion required demon. All instances of this can be clicked on in the Tier List to be taken directly to how to fuse that demon.

Banner Demon

Demon requires pulling on a specific banner to obtain.

Gacha Demon

Demon requires pulling to obtain and do not typically have Clear versions. They also are available when pulling from anything including a Superior Summon File.

Event Demon

Demon requires pulling during a specific event or was/is only obtainable through specific means outside of pulling.

To-do List

  • Add notable 4* Demons
  • Add a more objectively based indicator for ratings
    • If you have any suggestions for this that are feasible, tell us on Discord!

Last Updates

  • 02/02/2020 - "At a Glance" visual summaries added.
  • 23/01/2020 - Initial Table uploaded!
  • 31/03/2020 - Big changes to account for a large shift in the Meta

Remark: Only large updates must be noted in this Section (addition of new demons do not constitute a large update)

At a Glance

These visual summaries of the tier list are current as of 2020 May. Please consult the written list in the following section for specific details about demons as well as the most up-to-date ratings.

PvE Tier List
PvP Offense Tier List
PvP Defense Tier List

5 star Tier List

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP
PVE PVP Offense Defense
Alice.jpg Alice
Gacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 8.5 9.5 8
  • Very powerful in PVP as Die for Me! bypasses Endure-type skills and Instant Kills a demon allowing her to swiftly delete key threats.
  • Godly Panels, especially Panel 3, as this allow her to spam Die for Me!: makes her Top Tier.
  • High damage potential due to good stats and Dark Amp in Purple.
  • Can be used to in most PVE content like Aura Gate, Brands of Sin (especially Vanity 11) and certain Kiwami.
  • She's cute!!
  • Needs Dark Pierce (weak) and Panel 3 to really shine, without those her PVP rating would be around 7.
  • Needs to run Divines without Panel 2 for first turn Die for Me!.
  • Skilled players will play around Alice defense, manipulating her to cast Mamudoon instead of Die for Me!. To mitigate this, have her MAtk as low as possible.
Alilat.jpg Alilat
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 8 6 6
  • While alive, Repel Pierce will prevent pierce skills from going through Repel resistances. Pair her with demons with a lot of Repels (like Asura Lord or Vairocana) or with Repel Phys (like Teal Gogmagog and Teal Quetzalcoatl).
  • Very high LUK stat allows her to be built as an Ailment caster by transfering an Ailment skill.
  • Thanks to stats and passives, she has extreme Ailment resistance: transfer her Silent Prayer or Prayer, she will be an Ailment cleanser.
  • A near Must-Have demon for PVE, particularly Aura Gate 2, as Repel Pierce paired with appropriate demons is perfect for cheesing most Boss fights.
  • Good HP and Vit stats and no weaknesses give her a lot of bulk.
  • Very cheap to fuse.
  • Megidola is a wasted skill as her Magic stat is low.
  • Lack of offensive demons with Repel Phys makes it hard to craft teams around her in PVP.
Amaterasu.jpg Amaterasu
Fusible Demon
ArchYellow.png ArchYellow.png ArchClear.png 8 4 4
  • One of the best PVE support demons in the game. Tenson Kourin is the best buff spell in the game, guaranteeing you will have all 3 buffs at the end of cast.
  • Gains access to discounted Mediarahan in Yellow, which heals for a lot thanks to her high magic stat.
  • High MP cost
  • Elec Weakness
  • Panels are very lackluster.
  • Maragion is a wasted slot for support builds.
  • Healing is less important in PvP, reducing her potential there.
Ananta.jpg Ananta
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 4 7 7
  • Purple provides all 3 Auto-Buffs, which is incredibly strong
  • Reasonable bulky with 3 Nulls makes him a decent support demon.
  • Works well in slow double Intimidating Stance Teams, and can be left at level 1 to lower battle speed if used as a pure buff bot.
  • Force weakness and no attack skills
  • Buffs disappear after a wave is cleared in PvE, so Auto-Skills arent as valuable there.
  • Relies heavily on transfer skills to function well. Unfortunately most good transfer skills are Gacha-only.
Anat.jpg Anat
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchClear.png 8 8.5 8.5
  • Thunderstorm is an extremely powerful piercing AOE.
  • High MAG stat, passive skills and Panels further her AOE DPS.
  • Killer Impulse may add another layer of damage.
  • Red gives Thunder Reign which can circumvent Elec Anti-Pierce such as Rama + Mother Harlot. Note that it does not pierce though!
  • Force weakness
  • Without Panel 2, her PVP and PVE tier rating are lower than 8.
  • Expensive to fuse and only available in clear. Colored variants are Gacha exclusive.
  • Only Thunderstorm and Killer Impulse have pierce.
Asherah.jpg Asherah
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png 6 9 8.5
  • Two weaknesses to common attacking elements.
  • Low AGI means she will need Lead Brands or even slower teammates to work as a Ailment cleanser.
  • Resurrection is not useful in PVE as your demons are not supposed to die. Healing is also subpar in PVE.
Asura.jpg Asura
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png ArchTeal.png 8 5 5
  • As nothing in his kit provides damage, damage booster transfers are mandatory.
  • His only Piercing attack being Random Target makes him near unusable in PvP. Using Ashura against Masakado means your death.
Asura Lord.jpg Asura Lord
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png 9 8.5 9
  • Very high ST damage that also generates press turns thanks to his high Crit Rate.
  • Slaughter All is fully unblockable and ignores Endure-type skills, allowing you to delete key demons in PVP.
  • Endless War passively increases Crit Rate and Crit Damage of the team. Paired with Kartikeya, the total is +40% Crit Rate.
  • Very good synergy with Hero Masakado T1, an excellent Defense Team for PVP.
  • Gigantomachia in Red and his innate passives makes him an excellent PVE sweeper.
  • Good repel resistances makes him a natural partner for Alilat or Atavaka. Fire and Light repel perfectly counter Archangels teams.
  • Hard to raise Slaughter All's damage further as it is of the Almighty element.
  • High MP cost mandates the use of Divine Brands, if not P2, this reduces his damage output.
  • Risky to use for PVP Random Battle as he is suboptimal in Slow or Midrange teams and may put you in a difficult position in Fast teams whenever he fails to crit.
Atavaka.jpg Atavaka
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 8 8 8
  • While alive, War Aid will prevent pierce skills from going through Repel resistances. Pair him with multiple-Repels Demons (like Asura Lord or Vairocana) or with Phys Repel (like Teal Gogmagog).
  • Intimidating Stance is a very powerful passive for PVP and synergizes with his low AGI.
  • Enemy Annihilation fully debuffs enemies before chaining into a piercing physical AOE sweep. Because the AOE is a chain effect, you will not lose press turns even if it misses and/or hits into Physical NDR, allowing him to spam it without concern.
  • Amazing set of panels that provide him extra damage.
  • Like Alilat, his Repel Pierce ability is perfect for cheesing Aura Gate 2 Boss fights.
  • Very high MP costs. And compensating with Divine Brands hurts his damage/Bulk.
  • Weak to Ice. A common element in PVP especially in very Offensive Teams.
  • Does not have natural Pierce. This can cause issues with his PVP AI attacking into Tetra Shift and/or Physical NDR when out of MP.
  • The fact the debuff from Enemy Annihilation only lasts 1 turn with high MP-cost makes him unsuitable as a debuffer in PVE unless Panel 2.
Baal.jpg Baal
Fusible DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchClear.png 8 8 8
  • Ice weakness
  • Without Panel 2, his PVP and PVE tier rating are lower than 8.
  • Expensive to fuse and only available in clear. Colored variants are Gacha exclusive.
  • Only has pierce through Tempest.
Barong.jpg Barong
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png Any 7 4.5 4.5
  • Barong Dance is a healing skill with infinite uses which is useful for drawn out battles in PvE while buffing the team.
  • If Panel 1 + max lvl, it can be cast Turn 1 PvP or spammed in PvE.
  • Niche use in Aura Gate as giving him Support AI with his MAtk low enough guarantees he'll heal you with Barong Dance no matter your HP.
    • This is useful to recover HP lost from Talk and in F50 of Aura Gate 2 where you meet the Self Destruct Forneuses.
  • 2 weaknesses.
  • Mediocre Magic and Bulk is inconvenient for healer/support.
  • PvP is too fast for healings that are not passives to be useful.
Bayonetta☆.jpg Bayonetta☆
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png Any 5 6 6
  • Madama Stomp levels and Savage Glee in purple give her enormous crit rates.
  • Madama Stomp autocasts an Almighty attack that also charms whenever she lands a crit. Deals decent damage after being buffed to scale off her PATK.
  • Recent buffs have made her a lot more viable. Panel 2 in particular gives her Pierce which she desperately needs.
  • Gomorrah (B) has high base damage and crit chance, letting you delete an enemy and charm the rest of the team.
  • Gomorrah (B) takes two turns to charge: impossible to use T1.
  • Difficult to build due to Gomorrah (B) scaling off both PATK and MATK.
  • Mediocre overall stats, bad bulk.
  • Absolutely requires at least P2 to have any relevancy in PVP: get a PVP rating much lower than 6 if not paneled.
  • No longer meme :(
Black Frost.jpg Black Frost
Fusible Demon
Any Any 7 5 5
  • Light Weakness
  • Go to Hell! has low base power and does not gain damage on level up.
  • His damage output is below average and needs his Curse gimmick.
    • The Curse gimmick is impractical in PVP.
  • Dark element AOEs are severely countered by the PVP Meta (Masakado + Rama or Atavaka + Hecate)
Black Rider.jpg Black Rider
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 5.5 6 6
  • Soul Divide punishes healing by dealing Fractional damage based on their current health. Useful in Brands of Sin Vanity stages where healing is abundant.
  • Famine deals fractional damage and saps MP at the end of enemies turn.
  • Best used to deal with enemies that have auto-healing such as P2 Vishnu.
  • Decent Magic stat and good Panels can make him a strong Ice mage.
  • Soul Divide damage is based on Current Health and cannot kill targets.
  • Healing is not very common rendering his utility niche at best.
  • Needs Panels (especially P2) to be an effective Mage.
Cu Chulainn.jpg Cu Chulainn
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 6 6 6
  • One of the budget pierce sweeper, he can be fused cheaply through 4x4 fusions.
  • One of the best demons to fuse early: trivializes early PVE.
  • Panels maintain his relevance late game. He's cheap to Panel.
  • Innate Savage Glee and powerful Gae Bolg mean you can build him as a Phys attacker and he will be good for Phys Democalypse.
  • Low AGI makes him useable in Intimidating Stance teams.
  • High MP costs, cannot sweep Turn 1 in PVP unless Panel 3.
  • Purple Archetype mandatory for PVP as he needs Force Pierce.
  • Mediocre Magic stat: needs passives to be transferred for decent damage.
  • No Single-Target attack: he will have trouble against Anti-Force-Pierce like Rama + Susano-o A, popular in PVP.
Cu Chulainn A.jpg Cu Chulainn A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 8.5 8.5 8.5
  • Has full pierce on two elements.
  • Barbed Spear deals three separate hits, allowing it to function as an Endure breaker. He is a good candidate for Hero Masakado T1
  • Auto-Charge at end of turn allows him to deal massive damage if he is not taken out.
  • Teal has Drain Phys to pair with Rama in Drain Teams, increasing his survivability which is needed if you want to use Auto-Charge.
  • Needs to survive an entire round to make use of Auto-Charge.
  • Missing just one of Barbed Spear's 12 hits results in lost press turns.
  • Requires damage booster transfers kit provides none.
  • Auto-Charge does not activate when waves are cleared in PVE! This reduces his damage potential in auto-farming PVE greatly!
Cybele.jpg Cybele
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 6 4.5 4.5
  • Heavy fire specialisation + lack of Fire Pierce means she will struggle against Fire NDR.
  • In PVP, Fire Pierce (weak) is insufficient due to the popularity of Asherah and Rama
  • Expensive multi-fusion that requires clear Asherah.
Daisoujou.jpg Daisoujou
Gacha Demon
Any ArchPurple.png 8 9 8
  • Preach makes him immune to all ailments and will punish enemy teams attempting to use Charm. Cleansing Shout is an Ailment and Debuff Cleanse packed into one skill. This makes him the best Counter to Ailments.
  • Good stats, no weaknesses and perfect base kit allow freedom in builds.
  • Can work as a bulky tank, evasion tank, healer and/or revive support based on build.
  • Very useful for Brands of Sin Sloth 11 auto-runs.
  • Gacha Exclusive
  • Is a hard support unit, relies on transfer skills to offer anything outside cleanse.
Dante☆.jpg Dante☆
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
Any ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 5 4 4
  • High Str plus Auto-Rebellion from Rapid Shot makes him a good Phys Sweeper.
  • Very bulky with no weaknesses.
  • Million Stab is a multihit AOE skill, breaking Endures and piercing while in Might.
  • Pairs well with Hell Biker for free Rebellion setup.
  • Low AGI and LUK affects his accuracy.
  • Will not autocast Rebellion if any of his Rapid Shot misses.
  • Million Stab is high MP-cost and need difficult setup to Pierce.
  • This is bad in PVP to the point it's probably better to use Megaton Raid and a transferred Hades Blast in a Hell Gongen Teams than playing him as it was intended with Rapid Shot and Million Stab.
Fafnir.jpg Fafnir
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchTeal.png 4 4.5 4.5
  • In PvP Drain Teams, can at most be a mediocre support.
  • 2 Weaknesses.
  • Ailments fall flat in late PvE because of inflated enemy stats.
  • Hard countered by Ailment Cleansers like Daisoujou in PVP.
  • Comprehensively outclassed by Pale Rider as Poison caster.
Frost Ace.jpg Frost Ace
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 6 6 6
  • Very good Ice Nuker with built-in Ice Boost and Master Assassin in purple.
  • Good Ice sweeper with Mabufula in red
  • Vengeful Frost Fist is a heavy hitting Ice-element Physical attack that can Crit and autocasts Rebellion on hit. This allows him to crit infinitely at the cost of a measly 4 MP.
  • Icy Rage provides a teamwide Ice damage buff, incredible for Democalypse.
Gabriel.jpg Gabriel
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png 8 8 8
  • When combined with two other Herald or Divine demons, God's Word dishes out massive damage even before battle really begins.
  • Chain effects do not consume press turns even when hitting NDR.
  • Innate Pierce with decent Magic + Revive makes for a good unique Skill.
  • Part of a very strong PVP strategy: Archangels Team.
  • Good for PVE content like Brands of Sin Sloth, the general story and Aura Gate (note that her passive will kill demons before they have a chance to talk)
  • Needs a specific team built fully around her.
  • Reflected God's Word will damage her because of innate pierce. Beware of Alilat and Atavaka.
  • The Metagame is filled with teams tanky enough to survive Archangels teams.
Garuda.jpg Garuda
Fusible Demon
Any ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png 8 7.5 7.5
  • One of the fastest and most flexible demons in the game. Good set of resistances plus battlespeed makes him useful for most PVE content including Aura Gate and Brands of Sin Vanity 11.
  • Auto-Rakunda: excellent offensive skill for Turn 1 Teams.
  • Vahana, excellent defensive passive. Allows dodge-tank builds or even cleric ones if Prayer is transferred.
  • Red gives 6-MP Maragidyne, allowing him a Turn 1 nuke.
  • Yellow makes him more support-oriented with Fog Breath.
  • Doesn't have innate Speedster: you must use a transfer slot for it.
  • Very low bulk and has an Ice weakness.
  • Is outclassed by Hresvelgr in PVP Turn 1 Teams.
Garuda A.jpg Garuda A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchYellow.png ArchYellow.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 6 7 7
  • Needs a team built around him to be really effective
  • Useless against Magic teams
  • Gale Talon takes time to reach full potential, reducing his T1 potential.
Gogmagog.jpg Gogmagog
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchClear.png 7.5 7 6
  • Very high bulk and innate Earthquake lets him hit hard off that bulk.
  • Three weaknesses makes him a good partner for Orcus.
  • Less competition for Brands compared to your other demons, as he relies on PDEF for damage.
  • Panels let him play a more support-oriented role, providing team-wide bonuses as long as he is alive. Crit resistance is especially valuable in the current PVP meta, which has heavy crit emphasis.
  • Repel Phys in Teal pairs well with Alilat or Atavaka as an Anti-Pierce.
  • Abysmal AGI and LUK means he misses. A lot.
  • Added damage from Weakness can be too much for his passive heal.
  • No innate pierce and is a bad choice for Hell Gongen due to his AGI.
  • As a sweeper, he is quite subpar. Prefer a support build.
Guan Yu.jpg Guan Yu
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 8 9 9
  • Dragon Blade's chain effect will not activate if it misses on the first target.
  • Highly dependant on the first kill for tempo. Failing to secure the first kill will result in him not having enough MP for the next turn.
Guts.jpg Guts
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 8 7 8.5
  • Very high Crit rate thanks to Savage Glee and The Struggler.
  • Dragon Slayer does insane AOE Piercing Physical damage and bypasses Endure-type skills. It can also be cast Turn 1 due to its low MP cost.
  • Butcher in purple further augments his damage.
  • Excellent set of Panels that give him access to a Piercing Fire AOE chain, Phys Pierce and more damage.
  • Having no innate ST skills means he will be walled by Drain Teams. It is recommended to pair him with demons like Alice to eliminate Phys Anti-Pierce demons that prevent him from sweeping.
  • No natural Pierce outside P2 might cause issues when out of MP.
Hecate.jpg Hecate
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 8 9 9
  • Not very bulky. Light weakness is bad against Archangels.
  • Lunar Awakening only triggers at the end of the enemy's turn. This makes her useless for Brands of Sin Sloth 11, as the ailments trigger at the beginning of the turn.
Hresvelgr.jpg Hresvelgr
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchRed.png 8 8 8
  • Highest Base AGI and +20% to his Battle Speed on Panel 3: invaluable for fast teams.
  • His unique North Wind deals AOE Ice damage whenever an opposing demon dies. This adds to the damage of fast Turn 1 teams and allows him to clear Endures.
  • Auto-Rakunda in Purple further increases Turn 1 kill potential.
  • Good MAG and innate Ice Boost let him fire strong Bufudyne.
  • One of the best Demon to have for Aura Gates farming.
  • No ice pierce.
  • No innate Speedster. You MUST transfer it to him.
  • 2 weaknesses. Phys weakness is particularly bad.
Huang Di.jpg Huang Di
Gacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 7.5 5.5 5
  • Superior Power gives him Phys Pierce and an accuracy boost.
  • Yinglong Killer hits incredibly hard and has a high crit rate, demolishing teams without anti-Pierce.
  • Extremely good PvE demon especially if Paneled.
  • Needs to rely on transfer skills to increase his damage.
  • Lack of ST skills unless Red.
  • AI is very unreliable for PvP Defense; will occasionally Yinglong Killer into Anti-Pierce and lose press turns.
  • Middling AGI, low bulk and his only excellent attack being 7MP mean he can't fit in well-built PvP Teams.
Huang Long.jpg Huang Long
Fusible Demon
ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png 7.5 4.5 4.5
Indrajit.jpg Indrajit
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 6 9 8
  • High Magic and good Agi Stats
  • High Burst Damage in Lightning Shower, which refunds MP on kill allowing him to loop it again.
  • Casts Five Elements on kill, which completely walls off Almighty attackers like Mother Harlot.
  • Maxed Lightning Shower lets him use Spell Brands and still cast it Turn 1 in PvP
  • Highly dependant on the first kill for tempo. Failing to kill will result in MP Problems.
  • AI tries to hit Tanks he can't one-shot: bad for Defense PVP.
  • Ice Weakness (Sort of mitigated by Five Elements on kill, but beware pierce users as well as being outsped).
Ishtar.jpg Ishtar
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png ArchTeal.png ArchYellow.png 5 4 4
  • Extremely high magic, combined with her Panels, compensates her lack of high damage attacks.
  • Her unique spell Mesopotamian Star deals Almighty damage while autocasting Tarukaja and Tarunda. At Panel 3, this further applies Rakukaja and Sukukaja.
  • Gains Concentrate in Yellow, letting her nuke even harder.
  • Easy 4x4 fusion paths and good panels.
  • Very high MP costs.
  • Mesopotamian Star has low base power.
  • 2 weaknesses.
  • Low AGI stat and bad bulk.
Ixtab.jpg Ixtab
Gacha Demon
Any ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 5 8 6
  • Yaxche autocast is almighty Mortal and ignores Endure-type skills.
  • You can leave her at Lv 1 to bait the AI into killing her and trigger Yaxche. Use teammates with Revive to repeat this cycle. Nidhoggr is perfect for this.
  • At Lv 1, she works well in Intimidating Stance Teams as she'd lower Battle Speed.
  • Yellow gives her a good Ailment skill to spam.
  • In Red, and Master Assassin and Zanma L transferred, she can hit lots of weaknesses in PVP and maybe 3-hit KO some tanks forcing the opponent into the dilemma of killing her.
  • Five Elements and Null Mortal blocks Yaxche, shutting her down.
  • Most important targets in PvE are immune to Mortal (Bosses, Kiwami Adds etc.)
  • There is no way to reset her lv at 1 if you mistakenly lvled her up.
Izanami.jpg Izanami
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png 7 7 7
  • Very high Magic stat. When paired with innate Merciless Blow, her unique Yomotsu Okami and Elec Amp in purple, she will decimate anything weak to Elec, making her perfect for Democalypse.
  • Yomotsu Okami provides a teamwide increase to Dark and Elec damage, further increasing her Democalypse potential.
  • Great set of panels that provide her MP reduction, Elec Pierce and increased damage.
  • Pairing her with Eileen can help to maximize Bolt Storm's potential.
  • Near mandatory for auto-farming Aura Gate 2 Floor 50.
  • In PVP, she badly needs the Elec Pierce ability from Panel 2. Without Panel 2, her PVP ratings would be 5 or less.
  • Very expensive to fuse
  • Has no true ST or AOE spells.
Jeanne☆.jpg Jeanne☆
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 4 4 4
  • Madama Uppercut autocasts a follow-up Almighty attack upon Charm that also inflicts Bind.
  • Evade and Madama Uppercut levels increase her evasion and allow her to function as a dodge tank.
  • Gomorrah (J) has high base damage and crit chance, with a high chance to Bind all enemies.
  • Pairs well with Bayonetta or any other sources of charm like Lakshmi.
  • Gomorrah (J) takes two turns to charge, making T1 shenanigans impossible.
  • Awkward combination of balanced stats and having both Physical and Magic skills make her pretty mediocre at everything.
  • Very bad bulk means she will get shredded by Magic teams, which ignore her evasion.
  • Pretty much outclassed by P3 Lilith, who does "Bind upon Charm" better.
  • Panels do not benefit her much.
Kartikeya.jpg Kartikeya
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 8.5 8.5 8
  • Fastest demon in the game especially when passive is maxed, allowing you to hit battlespeed requirements in PVE easily.
  • Skanda proides teamwide Accuracy and Crit chance boost.
  • Mortal Jihad plus Great Aim means he will rarely miss, while having a good crit rate to generate press turns for your team.
  • No weaknesses and innate Speedster gives him great flexibility over transfer slots and lets him fulfill a variety of roles.
  • Important demon in the Hero Masakado T1 strategy, one of the strongest strategy.
Lakshmi.jpg Lakshmi
Fusible Demon
Any ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 5 5 5
  • Extremely high Magic and Luck stats allow her to be built as either a Sweeper or an Ailment inflictor.
  • Her High Luck, Insanity combined with Lotus Dance's high Charm rate virtually guarantees she will Charm everything that does not Null it.
  • Panel 3 allows her to generate MP for the team, enabling certain first-turn kill strats like Shiva A.
  • Force weakness
  • Lack of good innate offensive skills wastes her sweeper potential.
  • Countered very hard by Daisoujou clearing her charms and punishing her for using them.
  • Very bad bulk
Lakshmi A.jpg Lakshmi_A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 8 6.5 6
Lilith.jpg Lilith
Fusible Demon
Any ArchClear.png 4.5 6 6.5
  • Two strong Dark and Elec AOE skills.
  • Decent Magic allows her to deal damage while also inflicting ailments on the enemy.
  • Panel 3 casts a teamwide Bind whenever an enemy is charmed, and can be triggered multiple times per turn.
  • Easy 4x4 fusion paths and good panels make her a decent Panel 3 goal to strive toward.
  • No pierce, requires Dark Pierce (weak) to really shine.
  • Countered very hard by Daisoujou clearing her charms and punishing her for using them.
  • 2 weaknesses
  • Weak without Panel 3. She is below 6 in PVP without P3.
Lucifer.jpg Lucifer
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 5 6.5 6.5
  • Morning Star is the most powerful Almighty AOE spell.
    • Add to it Purple and Panels to make it the most powerful AOE.
  • Good bulk especially with Panel 2 unlocked. This helps him live long enough to build up the MP necessary for Morning Star.
  • Innate Repel Dark is good in PvP if paired with Atavaka.
  • Paired with Panel 1 Lucifuge, you can also use him in a devastating Turn 1 Sweeper team.
  • Light weakness.
  • Very expensive to fuse and panel.
  • High MP costs means he loses all his value in long battles.
  • Panel 3 and excellent Brands are mandatory to avoid long battles.
  • He is shut down hard by Five Elements.
Lucifuge.jpg Lucifuge
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 6 6.5 6.5
  • Hell's Ministry reduces Almighty cost for all Tyrant race demons and improves their bulk. Paired with his Panel 1 Bonus, this will give a whopping 2MP discount and enable powerful Turn 1 combos such as Lucifer's Morning Star.
  • Light Devourer is a hard-hitting single target Dark spell, further amplified by innate Dark Amp.
  • Clear gains access to discounted Necro Dogma. As it only costs 6MP when maxed (5MP if Panel 1), it can be fired off Turn 1 and giving your whole party a defensive buff as a bonus.
  • Extremely expensive to fuse: You are looking at nearly 10 million Magnetite from scratch.
  • Requires Panel 1 to really shine.
  • Unimpressive without good teammates. His best partner Lucifer is another very expensive fusion, and requires Panel 3 to be really competitive in PVP.
  • Middling AGI hurts battle speed for fast T1 teams.
  • Light weakness
Mahakala.jpg Mahakala
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 8 8 7
  • High Magic stats and innate Concentrate + Pierce from The Great Darkness make him a very powerful ST Nuker.
  • Wrathful Flame reduces defense, allowing your teammates to hit harder. It can also be cast on turn 1 PVP with spell brands if maxed.
  • Very effective in Democalypse boss rounds as buffs/debuffs are difficult to come by.
  • Goes through Endure as Wrathful Flame counts as three separate hits.
  • Lack of MP recovery means he cannot effectively spam Wrathful Flame in PVP.
  • Combination of ST and AOE in his kit, coupled with innate Fire Amp makes it difficult to further boost damage.
  • If Mahakala is not alive at the beginning of the turn The Great Darkness won't increase the turn count until Mahakala is revived and survives until the start of the following turn.
Mara.jpg Mara
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 8.5 4 4
  • Ice Weakness and low bulk.
  • High MP-cost skills.
  • Expensive to fuse, and needs to be Panel 3 to become good in Late PvE.
  • Middling AGI means he does not fit slow or fast PvP teams.
  • Get countered hard by Anti-Pierce units like Rama, Alilat and Atavaka in PvP.
Masakado.jpg Masakado
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 9 10 10
  • Low AGI and high MP cost skills reduces his PVE viability.
  • Occult Flash doesn't one-shot enemies with Endure skills and, unless Panel 3, is 7-MP preventing spamming or first-turn uses.
  • Has low base VIT affecting his survavibility.
  • Unable to be paired with Masakado A.
Masakado A.jpg Masakado A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
Any ArchPurple.png 9 9 10
  • Guardian of the East provides 1 extra Press Turn when his team goes first. Press Turn generation is very strong.
  • Kuyo Flash can be cast 1st PVP turn and inflict a perfectly insane set of buffs and debuffs for offensive purposes.
  • It can also inflicts decent damages due to very high STR stat.
  • Panel 2 gives a decent teamwide defensive ability: null Mortal.
  • Ultimate Demon for a PVP Defense Team targetting people who Random Battle: the Hero Masakado T1 Defense Teams.
  • Hero Masakado T1 Teams are easily beaten in targetted battles.
  • A lot less powerful if his team is outsped.
  • Unable to be paired with Masakado.
Mastema.jpg Mastema
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 7 7 7
  • High Magic stat, level max Trial of Hate has very high Power. This makes him a high damage Light sweeper.
  • Maxed Trial of Hate can be used Turn 1 in PVP with Divines.
  • The debuff from Trial of Hate is icing on the cake.
  • A prime candidate for the powerful "Archangels" PVP Team.
  • Easy 4x4 fusion paths and good panels make him a decent Panel 3 goal to strive toward.
  • Excellent Demon for Brands of Sin: Sloth 11 auto-farming.
Metatron.jpg Metatron
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchClear.png ArchYellow.png 7 6.5 6.5
  • Good HP and Vit stats paired with great resistances gives him decent of bulk, especially with innate Enduring Soul in Clear.
  • High Magic stat and Infinite Chakra lets him function well as a magic sweeper.
  • Pairs well with Uriel and Gabriel, as Fire of Sinai is great for cleaning up and breaking Endures.
  • Gains discounted Mahamadyne in Red which is great for Brands of Sin Sloth 10 and 11 farming.
  • P3 amplifies all Magic damage.
  • Very difficult to fuse, only 1 recipe available.
  • Full Almighty / non-Piercing kit means he is shut down hard by Five Elements.
  • Low AGI stat penalizes him in the Archangels PVP strat.
Michael.jpg Michael
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png 5.5 5 5
  • Soul Judgement deals massive damage against single targets, ideal for Bosses and Democalypse.
  • Panels give him a lot of damage, especially P3.
  • One of the fastest Herald demon, making him a candidate for the strong "Archangels" PVP Team if Speedster is transferred.
  • Yellow gives him access to discounted Mediarahan, allowing him to double as a PvE healer.
  • Good set of resistances for early PvE, especially in Teal.
  • No innate Pierce, he wants Light Pierce (weak) for PvP.
  • High STR stat is wasted on a Mage.
  • Needs good transfers and/or panels to boost Damage.
Mot.jpg Mot
Gacha Demon
Any ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png 5 7 6
  • Elec weakness
  • High MP costs
Mozgus.jpg Mozgus
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png 5 5 5
  • The only unit in the game that has a Critical Counter, God 1000 Fist Cannon will unleash a random barrage of piercing Physical attacks whenever the enemy scores a crit.
  • Extremely high bulk and damage reduction from Bloody Scripture make him a powerful tank. Building him as a tank also increases God 1000 Fist Cannon and Muscle Punch damage, as they both depend on Phys DEF for damage. Earthquake in red furthers this synergy.
  • Yellow gives him access to discounted War Cry, letting him play a support role if required.
  • Does not have Pierce outside of God 1000 Fist Cannon.
  • Needs a lot of Accuracy investment due to bad AGI.
Mother Harlot.jpg Mother Harlot
Banner DemonGacha Demon
Any ArchTeal.png 5 8 8
  • Babylon Goblet drains MP from all enemies while providing her MP sustain, allowing her to loop the same attack over and over even without Divine Brands.
  • Teal gives her Drain Phys, ideal for pairing with Rama. Notably, she is the only Drain Phys unit that can function as a magic sweeper.
  • Has access to discounted Debilitate in Yellow, letting her play a more support role if needed.
  • Works very well with slow Ailment teams. When paired with a P3 Samael or her own P1, Death Lust lets her charm without consuming press turns, and increases her damage dealt.
  • Force weakness
  • Full Almighty kit means she is shut down hard by Five Elements
  • Low AGI and high MP costs makes her unsuitable for fast teams.
  • Countered very hard by Daisoujou clearing her charms and punishing her for using them.
  • The MP drain aspect of Babylon Goblet is less useful for PVE, as the AI has infinite MP. It does allow you to replenish her MP indefinitely though.
Nergal.jpg Nergal
Gacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 5 5 6.5
  • Plague of Babylon removes Barriers and has a very high chance of landing Weak status, making him incredible setup for Ailment Teams.
  • High STR, Auto-Tarukaja and increased Accuracy from Meslamtaea make him a decent Physical demon, especially when Paneled.
  • Auto-Rebellion on Poison boosts his damage and synergizes with Pale Rider.
  • Is a very strong set up based sweeper.
  • Ailments fall flat in late/endgame PvE because of inflated enemy stats
  • Hard countered by Ailment Cleansers like Daisoujou or Kinmamon in PVP.
  • AGI too low for Ailment Teams standards.
  • P3 Samael offers similar barrier break without consuming a Press Turn. This is vital versus double Intimidating Stance Teams, as Nergal consuming a Press Turn means you are left with a single Press for casting a true ailment.
Nero☆.jpg Nero☆
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
Any ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 8 6 5
  • Overture deals Piercing damage while giving him free Concentrate, letting him sweep hard.
  • Voltage synergises perfectly with Overture and gives your party attack and accuracy/evasions buffs.
  • Very good for Democalypse where he does not have to worry about MP issues and can repeatedly spam Concentrated Overtures while on Spell Brands for insane damage.
  • Hard countered by Anti-Pierce, as Overture will not autocast Concentrate (and by extension Voltage) if the attack hits into NDR.
  • Mediocre stats, relies on Concentrate from Overture to deal damage.
  • No ST skills if not in Red.
  • High MP costs and no MP recovery prevent him from spamming his spells freely.
  • Limited-time Collaboration unit, unlikely to return in the future.
    • As such, he has no Panels, meaning he is missing a lot of potential power.
Orcus.jpg Orcus
Gacha Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchYellow.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png 6 8.5 8
  • Extremely good defensive demon thanks to Law of Hell and Hell's Gate. Paired with demons with multiple weakness like Asherah and Hecatoncheires, he denies Turn Presses bonus and strongly reduce AOE.
  • Law of Hell eliminates the need to cover weaknesses for all your demons allowing him and other support demons to support better through transfers like Recarmdra, Auto-Tarunda etc.
  • Law of Hell denies Turn Press bonus from Crit when the attack that Critted also hit a weakness. Paired with Slime or Hresvelgr, denies Crit bonus Turn Presses from AOE Phys.
  • Very good buff control with War Cry and Nocturne in Yellow.
  • You still receive extra damage from open weaknesses.
  • Offers no reduction to single target attacks, which hurt even more since you'd leave weaknesses open.
  • Very MP Hungry, Divines help with MP costs but reduce his bulk.
  • Needs specific team compositions to work well.
Pale Rider.jpg Pale Rider
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png 5 8 8
  • Very good in Ailment Team, as Pestilence will kill any enemy after 2 turns! This is very important as Ailment Teams struggle to build demons combining high damage, ailment rates and speed (they want to go first).
  • Good synergy with ailment-sweeper Nergal (they complete each other).
  • Very effective in PVP Defense, catch teams without ailment cleanse.
  • Excellent in Targetted PVP Offense for Sunday last PVP hour: killing teams fast during the last hour is important, and Pale Rider kills in 2 turns.
  • Gains the strongest debuff Debilitate in Yellow.
  • Ailments generally fall flat in late PvE because of inflated enemy stats
  • Hard countered by Ailment Cleansers like Daisoujou in PVP.
  • Pestilence only kicks in at the end of enemy's turn, giving them one whole turn to cleanse it away or just outright kill him.
  • Panels 1 and 2 don't contribute to the Ailment build.
Quetzalcoatl.jpg Quetzalcoatl
Fusible Demon
Any ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 4 6 6
  • Usually run as a support demon. Ce Acatls' Return is an incredible ressurection spell that brings all fallen party members back to life.
  • Repel Phys in Teal pairs well with Alilat or Atavaka as an Anti-Pierce unit.
  • Has 2 strong AOE spells, 3 if in Red.
  • High MP costs
  • Dark weakness
  • Low Magic stat wastes his AOE potential, despite having good spells and panels.
Quetzalcoatl A.jpg Quetzalcoatl A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 7.5 9 7.5
  • His passives, esp. in Purple, and Aztec Pulse make him a deadly Fire Sweeper.
  • Ce Acatl grants him a free revive once per battle, while refunding the press turn lost from his death. This makes him a great counter for Fast T1 Teams on offense, as anything short of a full team wipe will result in him coming back to life and reverse-sweeping with double Aztec Pulses.
  • Drain Fire in Teal pairs well with Rama: counters Archangels Team.
  • Discounted Trisagion in Red, useful versus Fire Anti-Pierce.
  • Ce Acatl press turn generation "only" cancels out the lost press turn from his death.
  • Dark is a bad weakness to have: Alice and Hecate are very common in high PVP.
  • Purple has troubles versus Fire Anti-Pierce like Atavaka-Vairocana or Rama-Surt.
Rama.jpg Rama
Gacha Demon
Any ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 8 9 9
  • While alive, Drain Pierce will prevent pierce skills from going through Drain resistances. This is very useful when combined with demons that have high innate Drain (like Shiva) or against popular attack elements like Physical.
  • Drain Pierce makes him the center of Drain Teams, a Metagame PVP Team.
  • Brahmastra is a three-hit Almighty skill that functions as an Endure-breaker.
  • Yellow Rama can function as a good support demon with discounted Luster Candy.
  • Purple (Ice Pierce) lets him act as a sweeper with innate Mabufudyne. Concentrate transferred can further his sweeper build.
  • Teal (Drain Ice) is excellent to hard-cheese some PVE content.
  • Like Alilat, his Anti-Pierce passive is perfect for cheesing Boss fights.
  • High MP cost skills
  • Not very bulky
Raphael.jpg Raphael
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 6 7 7
  • Tailwind does massive damage against single targets, ideal for Bosses or cleaning up in PVP.
  • Innate Pierce with decent Magic + Revive makes for a good unique Skill.
  • Good for PVE content like Brands of Sin Sloth, the general story and Aura Gate.
  • One of the best demons to include in the Archangels strategy, a very strong strategy.
  • His chain attack does not deal damage, unlike Uriel and Gabriel.
  • Needs team built around him.
  • Non-fusable and not obtainable through the general gem banner or the summon files.
Red Rider.jpg Red Rider
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 5.5 5 5
  • Good Str, decent Agi and Luck means he will hit hard without much Accuracy issues.
  • Blade of Terror deals consistent Fractional damage based on enemies current HP, unaffected by buffs. Blade of Terror will bypass the accuracy check since it is a "fractional" skill.
  • Blade of Terror falls off later in the fight as it is based on Current HP.
  • Buffs and damage boosts only work on Bloodshed's Physical damage and not Blade of Terror's Fractional damage.
  • Blade of Terror doesn't do much damage as 25% is rather low for PVP and the max damage is capped against late game targets in PVE.
  • Not obtainable through the general gem banner or the summon files.
Samael.jpg Samael
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 5 7 7
  • Elec weakness.
  • NEEDS Panel 3, without it he is worth 4 or less in PVP
  • Countered very hard by Daisoujou clearing his ailments and punishing him for using Charm.
  • Middling AGI hurts battle speed for fast Ailment teams.
Schierke.jpg Schierke
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
Any Any 6.5 4 4
  • You are at the AI's Mercy on which Element gets casted.
  • Summon Elementals is only useable once every two turns.
  • Both her skills have levels, making her a very costly investment Kasane-wise.
  • No pierce on Elemental Magic.
Seraph.jpg Seraph
Event DemonFusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 5 2 2
  • Only obtainable through Democalypse grinding.
  • High MP costs make him unsuitable for anything outside Democalypse.
Seth.jpg Seth
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchTeal.png ArchClear.png ArchTeal.png 6 4.5 4.5
  • Ouas is a very powerful ST nuke that has a high crit rate and a strong heal.
  • Extremely high STR and LUK means he will hit hard and crit often.
  • Teal covers his weakness while Clear gives him an AOE skill in Titanomachia.
  • Yellow gives him Nocturne which allows him to play a more support-oriented role, especially with innate Debilitate.
  • Good set of panels that provide him damage, bulk and MP reduction.
  • Lacks Phys Pierce, reducing his viability in certain areas which require it.
  • Fire weakness
  • Zandyne is a wasted slot.
  • Requires damage boost transfers
Shiva.jpg Shiva
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png 8 6 7
  • High STR, AGI and LUK paired with innate Serial Killer and Vorpal Blade make him an effective Physical Sweeper.
  • Good candidate for the Hell Gongen team as it provides him much needed Phys Pierce.
  • Great set of Panels especially the insane Panel 3 MP-cost reduction.
  • Has three sets of Drain resistances and no weakness if in Teal, making him an ideal teammate for Rama.
  • At Panel 3, he's the best 4th Demon candidate for the Masakado A+Shiva A+P3 Zaou-Gongen devastating PVP Defense Team.
  • Pralaya is high-MP, low damage and blocked by Five Elements.
  • Without Panel 3, his PVP tier rating is lower than 6.
  • Does not possess innate Pierce: absolutely requires Zaou-Gongen's pierce set-up.
  • Very expensive to fuse.
Shiva A.jpg Shiva A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 9 9.5 9.5
  • Third Eye is fully unblockable: Five Elements cannot block it.
  • Third Eye can Crit, be Rebellioned and has high base power.
  • Ishvara is an insane passive: guarantees Crit on first attack, boost Accuracy and Crit rate.
  • On top of that, he has high Stats making him a godly sweeper.
  • Insane set of panels that covers all his weak points.
  • Incredible Elemental resistances especially in Teal. All these Elemental Drains make him an excellent partner for Rama in PVE.
  • Third Eye can miss.
  • Third Eye is 7-MP at max level without Panel 3. This is very bad for PVP Turn 1 sweeping which is an issue as he is designed for T1 sweep. Without Panel 3, to counter this you need him paired with Parvati.
  • His PVP rating is lower than 9.5 without Panel 3 and incredibly lower without Panel 2.
Siegfried.jpg Siegfried
Gacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 7.5 7.5 7.5
  • Arms Mastery gives Phys Amp and +25% Accuracy when maxed.
  • Titanomachia at 6 MP, in Red, is an efficient AOE with high crit rate; transfer him a Crit Rate passive boost like Savage Glee or Epitome of Carnage for the AOE to be a devastating Crit machine.
  • Drain Phys and strong offense: decent candidate for Drain Teams.
  • Panels give him Phys Pierce, increases his defense and offense.
  • Heavily reliant on panels; without Panel 2, he needs Phys Pierce (weak) transferred and even then would be worth at best 5 in PvP rating.
  • No unique attack makes him Mid Tier in offensive ability.
  • Mediocre AGI and LUK stats.
Skull Knight.jpg Skull Knight
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 6 8.5 8
  • Demons die when they are killed by Sword of Actuation, unable to be revived. This makes him a powerful counter to Revive team/strats.
  • Sword of Actuation has a ridiculously low MP cost at max level (5 MP) - Even without Panels it can be cast Turn 1 with War Brands. Panel 2 further reduces it to 4 MP, allowing it to be cast twice on Turn 1 regardless of brands.
  • Foe of Demons defensively buffs your team at the start of your opponent's turn, increasing your odds of surviving.
  • Repel Phys in Teal makes him a good partner for Alilat and Atavaka.
  • Difficult to boost Sword of Actuation further due to it being Almighty Phys.
  • Has AI issues when used on defense - AI will target demons with high HP instead of trying to finish off demons with Sword of Actuation.
  • Requires a good team setup around him to truly shine. His PVP rating drops if he is not paired with optimal teammates.
  • Middling AGI makes him slightly awkward to fit in fast or slow teams.
Surt.jpg Surt
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 5.5 7 7
  • Ice weakness, a very common element in PVP.
  • AI is very bad on Defense without Divine Brands, as he will only Ragnarok once and default to spamming Berserker God.
  • No innate Fire Pierce if Clear.
Susano-o.jpg Susano-o
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png ArchClear.png 6 6 6
  • Very powerful Force nuker. Kusanagi hits extremely hard and autocasts Tarukaja to further buff your team's attack.
  • Easy 4x4 fusion paths and good panels make him a decent P3 goal to strive toward.
  • Since Kusanagi scales from Phys Attack, Mortal Jihad is also a viable method of attack.
  • His ability to effectively attack in two elements (Phys and Force) allows him to work around his lack of pierce in most situations.
  • Middling Accuracy means that Mortal Jihad will be prone to missing in higher tiers of PvP where evade builds are more common.
  • No innate pierce.
  • Fire Weakness
Susano-o A.jpg Susano-o A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 8 8 9
  • Is a Phys powerhouse with proper brands and can be used to focus down enemies quickly with Violent Slash.
  • Heavenly Valor punishes enemies who pass when used in PVP Defense teams.
  • Nulls Phys and Drains Force innately. Gains Drain Phys in Teal which goes well with Rama as Anti-Pierce.
  • No added Accuracy in his kit. Requires extra Accuracy investment from Brands or skill transfer to hit reliably.
  • Fire Weakness.
  • Only excels with great brands, since he needs offensive stats and bulk. Only decent with sub-par brands.
  • Heavenly Valor can be countered, and misses will trigger passives like Andalucia and Brilliant Wings.
Thor.jpg Thor
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 6 5 5
  • Mjolnir deals massive damage against single targets, ideal for Bosses and Democalypse.
  • Has Elec Pierce in Purple.
  • Panel 1 and 3 give him a lot of damage.
  • High STR stat, innate Phys kit allow him a Phys build for PVE (in Red archetype).
  • AI is extremely bad on Auto, as Charge will mess him up.
  • Force Weakness.
  • Random targetting is very hard to use for PVP and and some PVE.
    • Needs AOE or ST Elec spells transferred.
  • Requires damage boost transfers and Panels to really shine.
  • His Phys build is subpar even compared to some 4-stars.
Tokisada.jpg Tokisada
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 7.5 7 7
  • Requires Panel 2 to unlock his full potential for PVP, as being able to guarantee crits for extra turns is very powerful.
    • Without Panel 2 and/or Auto-Rebellion transfered, he would get a PVP rating around 6 or less.
  • Only has pierce through Amakusa Uprising, no Piercing AOE.
  • Needs accuracy investment for PVP, as Amakusa Uprising can miss.
Trumpeter.jpg Trumpeter
Banner DemonGacha Demon
Any ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png 5 6.5 6.5
  • Apocalypse deals strong Almighty AOE damage while having a high mute chance for a low MP cost.
  • Access to Concentrate to further increase his damage.
  • No weaknesses and 2 Nulls give him a lot of flexibility in skill transfers.
Tzitzimitl.jpg Tzitzimitl
Fusible DemonGacha Demon
Any ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png 5 5 5
  • Demons die when they are killed by Dark Premonition, unable to be revived.
  • Revive seal is very useful in certain PVE content (HP100 and several AG2 bosses) and to counter revive strats in PVP.
  • High innate dodge rate which compliments the Mute from Dark Premonition.
  • Red gains discounted Mind Blast, which can be used to further disable enemies.
  • Needs to be below 50% HP to unlock most of her kit, making her a glass cannon.
  • Dark Premonition only has mediocre base damage, and can be stopped by Dark Anti-Pierce such as Rama + Masakado.
  • Mediocre stats.
  • Ailments fall flat in late PvE because of inflated enemy stats.
  • Hard countered by Ailment Cleansers like Daisoujou in PVP.
Uriel.jpg Uriel
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 8 8 8
  • When combined with two other Herald or Divine demons, God's Fire dishes out massive damage even before battle really begins. It also gives your party a Tarukaja attack buff.
  • Chain effects do not consume press turns even when hitting NDR.
  • Innate Pierce with decent Magic + Revive makes for a good unique Skill.
  • Part of a very strong PVP strategy: Archangels
  • Good for PVE content like Brands of Sin Sloth, the general story and Aura Gate (note that his passive will kill demons before they have a chance to talk)
  • Needs Team built around him.
  • Countered severely by P2 Asherah, a very common demon.
  • Non-fusable and not obtainable through the general gem banner or the summon files.
Vairocana.jpg Vairocana
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 6 7 7.5
  • Good repel resistances makes him a natural partner for Alilat and Atavaka. Fire and Light repel, in particular, counter Archangel teams, as it repels both their AOE elements.
  • High MAG, Butcher in Purple and Path of Prominence, an almighty AOE that buffs before hitting, make him a strong sweeper.
  • Radiant Mantra resets all buffs/debuffs at the start of every enemy turns. If used in slow teams, this nullifies auto-skills.
  • These 2 unique skills make him an insane buff control demon.
  • No weaknesses and a self-sufficient kit gives him full flexibility over skill transfers.
  • Very hard to further boost almighty damage.
  • Wants to go second to fully abuse Radiant Mantra but his AGI is quite high.
  • Requires good teammates to shine.
  • Very high MP costs. Even with maxed Path of Prominence and Divine Brands, he can't to spam it consistently unless he is Panel 2.
  • Almighty is shut down hard by Five Elements or Lord of Clouds.
Vasuki.jpg Vasuki
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchRed.png ArchClear.png 5 4 4
  • Has Innate Insanity and Ice Boost for both Ailment infliction and damage.
  • Innate Butcher in Purple.
  • Halahala deals massive damage against single targets, ideal for Bosses and Democalypse.
  • P3 autocasts Rakunda, which is invaluable in Democalypse boss phases where buffs are hard to come by.
  • Decent AGI, suitable for a T1 mage team.
  • Ailments generally fall flat in late/endgame PvE because of inflated enemy stats
  • Poison (and by extension Insanity) does literally nothing for his Ice builds.
  • Lacks of pierce and being limited to only random targetting makes him very bad for PVP.
Vishnu.jpg Vishnu
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchRed.png ArchRed.png 5 6 6
  • High magic and good bulk make him a tanky Mage thanks to Avatar.
  • Gains discounted Megidolaon in Red.
  • Healing and MP reduction from Panels further his tanky Mage role.
  • Low AGI.
  • Fire weakness.
  • Low damage output compared to Top Tier demons.
  • Needs heavy investment from Brands and Panels to become really effective.
V☆.jpg V☆
Banner DemonEvent DemonGacha Demon
Any ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png 5 8 8.5
  • Griffon-Bolt is borderline oppressive when combined with Turn 1 teams with lots of Crit passing for Press Turn generation. Good teammates include Masakado A, Asura Lord and Kartikeya.
  • Will virtually never have MP issues thanks to Shadow-Shock giving him a free Almighty ST attack.
  • Balanced stats and no weaknesses give him flexibility in transfer skills.
  • Red and Yellow give him an Almighty AOE skills that debuffs.
  • Laughs at his enemies occasionally
  • Very harshly countered by Five Elements on Defense, as the AI does not know how to pass and will lose press turns attacking into it.
  • Relies on auto-attacks, does not contribute much if his teammates are spamming skills instead.
  • Demons with AOE reduction passives like Hecatoncheires and Orcus significantly reduces his damage.
  • Limited-time Collaboration unit, unlikely to return in the future.
Yama.jpg Yama
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 7 5 8
  • Guilty only works on Boss wave, rendering it useless for PVP and most of PVE.
  • No AOE spell unless Red (which then loses Dark Pierce).
Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune
Gacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png 10 5 5
  • Innate Mana Aid, strong AoE and the best Multi-hit Phys Spell, combined with Phys Amp in Purple makes him the best Phys Attacker for PvE, usable pretty much anywhere.
  • Hassou Tobi does humongous damage if/once the Boss is alone.
  • All his Panels are excellent for PvE.
  • Drain Phys in Teal with Rama cheese certain PvE Content.
  • Teal makes him usable in Drain Teams in low PvP rank.
  • Phys Amp in Purple, high AGI and good Panels make him a candidate for Hell Gongen Teams in PVP, granted you transfer 5/6MP attacks.
  • Hassou Tobi is Random Target: bad against Waves and PvP.
  • No innate Pierce outside of Hassou Tobi is bad for PvP.
Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchRed.png 9 6 9
  • Kongo Zaou grants Phys Pierce to teammates under Rebellion.
  • A core demon of Hell Gongen, one of the best PVE Team.
  • With Panel 3 he can start a crit loop, providing infinite Crits for the whole team and negating the need for Hell Biker.
  • Great set of Panels that provide additional damage, accuracy and team-wide Rebellion.
  • Absolute terror against people who do Random Battle in PVP if he is Panel 3 and in a Hero Masakado T1 PVP Defense Team.
  • To put into practice his 9 Defense PVP rating you need Masakado A and Shiva A, very rare demons.
  • Without Panel 3, he is worth less than 6 in PVP ratings. Lack of Auto-Rebellion genome can also put a dent on his PVP rating.
  • Middling AGI lowers a lot Hell Gongen team Battle Speed, a team that needs to be as fast as possible in PVP.
  • Requires good Crit% Brands to run without Hell Biker at Panel 3, esp. Lead Brand Sets as you want him to go first to provide Rebellion for the team.

4 star Tier List

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP
PVE PVP Offense Defense
Abaddon A.jpg Abaddon A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png ArchTeal.png 5.5 4 4
  • His PVP role is as Anti-Phys unit when paired with Alilat or Atavaka. But he is outclass by other Repel Phys demons.
  • Drags speed down greatly due to low AGI which is bad in PVE.
  • Not good for waves before boss.
Agni.jpg Agni
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png 4.5 4 4
  • Would worth less than 4 in PVP rating without Panel 3.
  • Panel 3 is very hard to get as he is Banner exclusive.
  • Does not have a noticeable damage output kit even Paneled.
  • Not much better than more common 4-star for PVE.
  • Middling AGI: unfit for Fast or Intimidating Stance Teams
Anubis.jpg Anubis
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 4 3 3
  • High MAG of 217 makes him a good budget mage even for elements other than dark.
  • A budget choice for any non-Phys Democalypse due to Merciless Blow in Purple
  • Low AGI + Low VIT isn't a good combination for survivability.
  • Doesn't benefit much from his high LUK stat
  • No innate AOE and is not the best single target damage dealer either.
Anzu.jpg Anzu
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchRed.png 4.5 3 3
  • Decent AGI.
  • 5MP double debuff in Yellow. (also innately has another double debuff)
  • Excellent demon for Elec Democalypse.
  • Force weakness.
  • Low VIT.
  • Underwhelming.
Attis.jpg Attis
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 4 3.5 3.5
  • Innate Enduring Soul and Recarmdra which are good support skills that synergyze well.
  • No weakness.
  • The result is he has 2 completely free transfer slot.
  • Okayish innate bulk in P3.
  • Doesn't have many other uses.
    • The skills you will transfer to him determine what other supporting role he'll have in addition to "reviver".
Azrael.jpg Azrael
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchClear.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 3 2 2
  • Has access to both Tetrakarn/Makarakarn in Clear, which can serves a niche in Early PvE when you don't have access to many mirrors.
  • Respectable MAG of 194.
  • Decent bulk for a mage and panels support it.
  • Has no innate skills to boost his good mag stat.
  • He loses his niche of double karns in late PvE and PvP due to the prevalence of Pierce.
  • Outclassed in Democalypse as Fire/Dark attacker
Beiji-Weng.jpg Beiji-Weng
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png 5 4 4
  • Surprisingly fast with panels making an optimal choice in speed teams.
  • Good MAG stat and serves as an ice mage.
  • Is a good demon for Ice Democ in Red due to low amount of good ice users.
  • Can exploit the plentiful amount of demons with ice weakness.
  • One of the few Repel Ice demons (in Teal) as well as the cheapest one making him quite useful combined with Alilat against specific PvE content especially Bosses.
  • Struggles against bulkier demons like Hecatoncheires and HP sponges in PvE.
  • Glacial Blast is a redundant skill that serves him little.
  • No Pierce meaning walled against demons that N/D/R Ice and Judgement isn't a reliable choice against them even at 7 MP.
  • Vasuki is an upgraded Beiji-Weng in most aspects for PvP.
Chernobog.jpg Chernobog
Gacha Demon
ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png 5 4 4
  • Ailment chain effect inflicting poison and bind if P3.
  • Perfect synergy with Nergal.
  • Somewhat low AGI: this is bad for Ailment Team
  • Strongly needs Nergal to have some viability in PVP.
  • Needs P3 to be viable in PVP. He would be lower than 4 in PVP if P3 were not taken into account.
Dionysus.jpg Dionysus
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 2 2 2
  • Very high luck stat meaning he inflicts ailments often and doesn't take crits as often.
  • Panels that benefit from his luck such as crit resist/ailment infliction
  • Has some potential in stall teams
  • Has no attacking skill despite innate back attack
  • Only can be clear
  • Only can cause status from Euphoric Frenzy, which only activates when hit physically.
  • Meaning you have to transfer an ailment skill and else he is a dead weight with no skill to use in battle.
Girimekhala.jpg Girimekhala
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchRed.png 3.5 2 2
  • High STR stat
  • Mega Boost is Charge and Rebellion in one allowing him to hit hard the next turn after it's use.
  • Access to a single target and aoe physical skill.
  • One of the few demons with repel phys.
  • 3 Weaknesses.
  • Low stats outside of STR.
  • Outclassed by other physical demons of his rarity even with Mega Boost
Gucumatz.jpg Gucumatz
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png ArchYellow.png 3 3 3
  • Fairly bulky with his given stats/panels.
  • Low AGI stat but is low enough that it's actually good for slow teams.
  • Has a rare skill in the form of Auto-Tarunda
  • Two awful innate attacks making him very passive in PvE and PvP.
  • Diminishing his support role.
  • Fire Weakness.
Gurr.jpg Gurr
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 5 6 6
  • Belongs to the class of "demon you want at least one of in your team to go consistently first in PVE and PVP".
    • For PVE, he is not the best one from that class.
    • But he has innate Speedster.
  • Yaksha Claw a passive quick effect that can inflict Bind: ailment passive quick effects are extremely precious for Ailment Team.
  • This passive pairs perfectly with Pale Rider one of the strongest ailment demon of the game.
  • 2 weaknesses
    • Phys weakness is extremely disavantageous.
  • Yaksha Claw is random target instead of AOE.
  • Yaksha Claw cannot bind if it gets Nulled, Repeled or Drained.
Hanuman.jpg Hanuman
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 4.5 2 2
  • Lacks a single target physical skill
  • Bad awakening skills
  • Middling AGI and frail.
  • Low MAG stat yet has Mazanma
  • Outclassed by a better Monkey, Wu Kong
Hel.jpg Hel
Gacha Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 4 3.5 3.5
  • High MAG stat and serves as an ice mage: both an uncommon and good element as many are weak to it but few Repel/Drain/Null it.
  • Making her a good candidate for Ice Democalypse
  • Call to Helheim is pretty decent passive in PvE as opportunities to debuff every wave aren't common.
  • Mamudo does little to benefit her and has no pierce.
  • Would worth less than 3.5 in PVP rating without Panel 3.
  • Call to Helheim isn't great for PvP due to the typically fast pace nature of it.
  • She has to kill for Call to Helheim to activate.
  • Frail and has middling speed.
Jeanne d'Arc.jpg Jeanne d'Arc
Gacha Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchYellow.png ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png 6 4.5 2.5
  • One of the best healer.
  • Orlean Prayer can be used to give 3 MP to a demon: in PVP, this can allow some demons to unleash spells they couldn't have T1.
  • Panel 3 gives Orlean Prayer some buff ability. This is very useful for the shenanegan mentioned above.
    • Has a good AGI. Perfect for this strategy.
  • Healing is not very powerful in this game.
  • Despite how good Orlean Prayer in P3 is, PVP is too fast and each turn press are too precious for such strategy to be good.
  • The AI won't perform such T1 strategy.
Kama.jpg Kama
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchClear.png 4.5 4 4
  • Very high AGI and innate Speedster allow him to play the role of Battle Speed booster.
  • A high damage unique in the form of Divine Bows' Allure with a chance of charming.
  • Speedster is transferable: he is THE Speedster fodder.
  • A pathetic MAG stat making his unique very weak.
  • Doesn't do anything except boosting Battle Speed.
  • Outclassed as Battle Speed booster by most 210+ AGI demons.
Kikuri-Hime.jpg Kikuri-Hime
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 3 2 2
  • Bad AGI.
  • Low VIT.
  • 2 weaknesses.
    • Dark weakness is particularly bad in PVP.
Long.jpg Long
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png 5 2.5 2.5
  • A good speed stat and mag for a 4*
  • Purple gives Mana Aid an excellent PvE skill.
  • Decent damage output for PvE if a Force AOE is transferred.
  • Functions fine in Force Democalypse
  • High AGI + Dragon Sense allow him to be built as an evade tank.
  • Extremely low LUK penalizes the evade tank build.
  • No innate AoE.
  • Much better Force users exist for PvP.
Nekomata A.jpg Nekomata A
Banner DemonGacha Demon
ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png 5 6 6
  • Has a very high speed stat 226 but is 246 with max Pussyfoot + Innate Speedster
  • Great support for teams that rely on speed like ailments while also boosting the entire parties EVA by 20%.
  • Has a good luck stat to inflict ailments or could provide auto-buffs/debuffs in her transfers.
  • Innate Evade helps her dodge and support role.
  • No real cons to speak of other than primary role is dependant on transfers/team and she doesn't have the capacity on killing the opposition.
  • Investing Kasanes in Pussyfoot
Nidhoggr.jpg Nidhoggr
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 4 7.5 6
  • High survivability due to innate skills (esp. in Purple) and Stats.
  • Nastrond is very strong in Offense PVP as the AI may not target him first. This allows him to survive popular "Turn-1-Kill"-Defense Teams reliably. Transfer him Recarmdra to turn the table.
  • Decent LUK stat makes Mahashibabooon a decent transfer, which is to be cast before Recarmdra to make sure the revived allies won't die ("Turn-1-Kill"-Teams do not use Anti-Ailment techs).
  • Fairly passive due to serving a primarily supportive role especially against teams with anti-ailments/cleansers.
  • Two weaknesses can be hindering.
Pallas Athena.jpg Pallas Athena
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 6 2 2
  • Good STR/LU/AGI supporting her role as an offensive unit.
  • Functions as a budget Yoshitsune due to Mana Aid in Purple.
  • Excellent choice for farming Brands of Sin/Aether and wave-based story missions.
  • Outclassed by Yoshitsune in every way if you happen to own one.
  • Yoshitsune step-up banner for beginner exists.
  • Holy Wrath and Resist Force are wasted skills on her.
Pazuzu.jpg Pazuzu
Fusible Demon
ArchYellow.png ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png 6 2 2
  • One of the best healers in the game due to high mag and considerable bulk
  • Great for early-mid pve
  • Will hit for decent damage due to high mag.
  • Immune to the primary elements of the Dark Aether Quests if teal.
  • Healing falls off almost entirely late pve and not a good role in PvP.
  • Lowest luck stat in game meaning crits/ailments will hinder him greatly.
  • Mediarama is MP expensive
  • Purgatory isn't a great offensive skill.
Sandalphon.jpg Sandalphon
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchYellow.png ArchPurple.png 4 3.5 3.5
  • Decent bulk.
  • Somewhat decent AGI.
  • No weakness.
  • Has Auto-Sukuka which is an incredible support skill.
    • He is the cheapest way to get an auto-buff in your team.
  • No offensive ability.
  • Does not innately have other noteworthy support skills.
Sarasvati.jpg Sarasvati
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchYellow.png 3 2 2
  • Decent healer in Yellow due to High MAG stat and High VIT
  • Not a bad pick for Ice Democ due to limited choices plus Back Attack in Purple.
  • Silent Prayer is a double-edged sword when she has the Barrier skill.
  • 2 crippling weakness to fire and dark.
  • Somewhat outclassed by other healers like Pazuzu but at least isn't prone to crits.
  • Below Average AGI.
Skadi.jpg Skadi
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchPurple.png 3 3.5 3.5
  • Too low AGI for an ailment team.
  • Overally low stats.
Sleipnir.jpg Sleipnir
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 4.5 3 3
  • Very good non-unique skills (Speedster and good light attacks).
  • Decent AGI and a Panel 3 which increases his speed.
  • Has no unique skill.
  • Fire weakness.
  • No pierce.
Sphinx.jpg Sphinx
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchTeal.png 4 3 3
  • High MAG.
  • Mahamaon is a decent spell.
  • Triggers passives that are strong when going second:
    • Tetraka Shift has some (limited) use in PVP and early PVE.
    • in Purple, he has Auto-Rakuka and excellent skill for slow and defensive team.
  • Subpar bulk.
  • 2 weaknesses.
  • No unique support skill to complement his role in a PVP team.
Throne.jpg Throne
Fusible Demon
ArchTeal.png ArchRed.png ArchRed.png 3 4 4
  • Good AGI stat of 163.
  • This AGI combined with his race being Divine means, with Speedster transferred, he becomes a decent candidate for the powerful "Archangels" PvP Team.
  • Innate Void Dark Zones makes him a good candidate for Dmg Panel Immunity
  • Thus making him a great Aura Gate demon at least early on either on team 1 or 2.
  • Superior (though more expensive) candidates for Archangels Teams exist.
  • Barely passable MAG stat with full investment.
  • No innate pierce and no innate Single Target skill.
  • Other options for demons that can act as double null panel/zones.
Titan.jpg Titan
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png 4 3 2
  • Good defensive stats with High VIT/STR, which work in conjunction with Muscle Punch.
  • Has Tetraka Shift, which works with his unique passive Unyielding Phalanx.
  • Physical Mirrors also work with his unique passive.
  • No weaknesses
  • Relies on Tetrakarn to take reduce damage as he has no innate repel physical.
  • This makes his niche not as great for PvP as Tetrakarn isn't spammable.
  • Walled by demons that Null/Drain/Repel Physical without having Phys Pierce (weak)
Tlaltecuhtli.jpg Tlaltecuhtli
Fusible Demon
ArchPurple.png ArchClear.png ArchClear.png ArchYellow.png 3 2 2
  • Low enough AGI, that she functions well in slow teams.
  • Decent MAG stat.
  • Innate Recarmdra in Yellow gives her a niche due to the skills rarity.
  • Earth Sacrifice gives a free Tetrakarn upon death and buffs all stats for one turn. Working well with Recarmdra
  • Doesn't take hits well as other common Recarmdra users: outclassed by Hecatoncheires another 4*.
  • If she dies during the opponent's turn, Earth Sacrifice buffs will be gone once your own turn starts.
  • Ice weakness.
  • Low AGI forces her into slow teams which makes her low VIT a problem.
Tsukuyomi.jpg Tsukuyomi
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchPurple.png ArchRed.png 4.5 3 3
  • Strong mage for early to mid PvE
  • Lunar Blessing is a great unique allowing him to use any skill for 1 MP less; opening up tons of options.
  • Red has a 3 MP Mudoon due to his unique; meaning no matter what you can cast it.
  • 2 Null and 2 resists.
  • Weak to Phys, forcing you to transfer him Resist Phys.
  • No innate AOE, and his innate attacks are low tier. It mean Lunar Blessing is under-exploited unless you transfer a stronger skill.
  • On top of that, he has no innate passive that boosts damage.
  • Low VIT and AGI.
Wu Kong.jpg Wu Kong
Fusible Demon
ArchRed.png ArchRed.png 5.5 4 4
  • Top-tier physical demon for a 4* demon having 235 STR.
  • Has access to a single target and aoe physical skill freeing up his transfer slots for skills that boost his damage or accuracy.
  • Great panels that each benefit him
  • Is an excellent choice for the popular Hell Gongen team as he needs pierce for full potential.
  • Low AGI forces him to run Speedster in PvP for full efficiency and overall drags down team speed.
  • No innate pierce, 2 weaknesses and frail.
  • Zaou-Gongen a demon part of the Hell Gongen core, is already slow himself.
Ym.jpg Ym
Fusible Demon
ArchClear.png ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png ArchClear.png ArchYellow.png 5 3 3
  • Expensive Fusion.
  • No innate pierce.

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