Strange Signal

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Aether types

A special dungeon where you can find Aether, a material used in Awakenings. It will become available as you progress through the game.
The higher the difficulty of the quest, the higher the rarity of Aether you'll receive.
Quests will initially be easy. Clearing them will unlock more difficult ones.

There are five different types of quests in Strange Signal. Available quests and Aether will differ depending on the day of the week, so be sure to check which day the Aether you're looking for is available.
You can make all Strange Signal quests available for twenty four hours by using a Signal Scanner.

Basic Tips

  • Eileen can increase the amount of Aether that is dropped in each clear
  • 4★ evolved demons are recommended for Stage 6+
  • Since each Aether specializes in an element, bringing demons that Null/Repel/Drain that element will make it a lot easier.
  • The boss stage of Stages 1~8 has a specific pattern of using its element spells first, so make sure that you don't kill the adds if you're aiming to solo the stage.

Aether Drop Rates

Stage # S M L
5 65% 30% 5%
6 55% 35% 10%
7 35% 40% 15%
8 20% 60% 20%
9 10% 60% 30%
10 10% 40% 40%


AetherL-Light.jpg Light [Yellow]
AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful [Blue]
AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral [Green]
AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark [Purple]
AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic [Red]

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AetherL-Light.jpg Light X X X X
AetherL-Lawful.jpg Lawful X X X X
AetherL-Neutral.jpg Neutral X X X X X X X
AetherL-Dark.jpg Dark X X X X
AetherL-Chaotic.jpg Chaotic X X X X

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