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This page contains a list of tasks and projects on the wiki that need assistance.

If something gets finished, please remove it from the list.

Just more stuff that needs to be done, unfiltered and unsorted

Beginner Page

-Strange Signal Times (DONE: 14.08.19)

-Shop: PLEASE (04.08.0219: updates made to Gem Shop)


-Brands (rework rating for example) - just basic info, nothing to deep; for everything else just refer them to actual brand page (DONE: 14.08.19)

-New Demons for beginners to fuse except Ose (DONE: 29.07.2019; ) (Maybe expand tho?

-Helpful links at bottom

-Spirit/Advent stuff too?

-When to use Shifters/Kasane?


  • Just update them. Maybe seperate pages for each Kiwami with Strategies/Teams that are proven to work. (DONE:24.10.19)
  • Add strategies and Teams to all Kiwamis

Advent/Sprit Stuff

-Add all Spirit upgrades to demons (DONE, its in WikiWriter)

-Seperate page explaining what it is (DONE: 29.07.2019)

Aura Gate 2

-General Stuff (DONE: 2-8-19)


-Farming Teams (Hell Gongen anyway, who tf cares)

-Mapping Floors

-Guides for Multifusion and fights for them (Parvati/Cybele/...)

-Celestial Fights, convert Team Recommendations into actual tables using Party Template


-Retroactively add previos months of Eclipse (even without guides or example teams) (DONE: 29.07.2019)

-Add current Month (August, Divine/Herald) (DONE: 29.07.2019)

-Add guide/builds for current month: August (DONE by AkA)

General Stuff

-List of Gacha Skills to keep for 3* and 4* (This is in Recommended Transferable Skills ; Please expand for 4* demons!)

-Display Description of Skills on Demon Page (without levels; Need to change DB and WikiWriter for it; Unless someone as a better idea?) (DONE: 7.8.19)

-On Skill Page also display <Skill>/Demons Page, so its all on one page (Small change to WikiWriter needed) (DONE:7.8.19)

-Skill Transfer - general overview about how to do it, how to get magatama, also same for kasane and when to use em



Tier List

Things to Do As Of: July 5, 2019

Story Mode

Last update: Dec 21, 2018
  1. Under Story, added links to a page for each level. The first few have been done. Finish the rest and follow the same format(Example: Chapter 1-1) Or create a new format that shows Demon images, stats, etc like in the individual pages for each. Example: Mokoi


  1. Update Events
  2. Retroactively add missing past events into our archive on the Events page. (dig through the Dx2 official site for old news posts)
  3. Upload image for the DMC part 3 banner and add to the main page (ends 4/3 23:59 (wed))

Brands of Sin

Last update: Dec 21, 2018
  1. Brands of Sin page is too long/too much info. Separated each into categories with separate pages. More stages need to be added, and some of the tables need to be fixed(Kikuri-Hime 4-5). Use the code from Kikuri-Hime 1-3 and replace the texts with the correct enemies and stats. New page was created for each Brands of Sin.

New pages:

Strange Signal

Last update: Dec 21, 2018
  1. Same as Brands of Sin. Created separate pages for each category. Stages for each need to be completed. Use same format as the stages for Brands of Sin.

New Pages

Drop Rates

Last update: Dec 21, 2018
  1. Created pages Drop Rates for all drop rates. Strange Signal Drop Rates and Brands of Sin Drop Rates.

Lore Pages

Last update: Sep 11, 2018

All demon lore pages need to be filled out with in-game profiles.

-kartikeya,quetz,fafnir,yama,raphael,vasuki,seraph,kwancha,hua po,jack the ripper,koropokkur,parvati,titan,tiamat,tlaltecuhtli,ym,nidhoggr,agni are missing lore currently
-Update: One, two and three star demons are finished.

Update Encounter Pages

Last update: Sept 21, 2018

Story + Dx2 Quests + Brand of Sin + Strange Signal need enemy data screenshotted and filled out using Template:EnemyParty.

Use Aura Gate Boss Guides section as an example of the template in action.

Update Liberator Infos

Last update: Aug 12, 2018

Skills + Points + Profiles and Pages for every Liberator.

Template Creation

Build Template

To be used on demon/builds.