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The Fusion Calculator on the sidebar is currently outdated and not being updated. Please use the NEW fusion calculator link on the bottom of the main page.

Current Events What's New?


3/18/2019 0:00 (Mon) - 3/22/2019 23:59 (Fri)


3/14/2019 (Thu) - 4/3/2019 23:59 (Thu)






  • Devil May Cry 5 collaboration has begun!
  • "Blank Genome" item added. Required for new "Skill Harvest" function. Harvest the bottom Transferable Skills from a demon to create a Skill Genome of it without sacrificing the demon:
  • Random Match function added to Dx2 Duels. Take a risky chance to earn more Ranking Points then usual!
  • You can now "Auto Enhance" Brands. Save some finger clicking when enhancing a Brand to Lvl 15! Can now even skip the Enhance + animation.
  • Use new Brand Lock function to no longer accidentally delete your best Brands.
  • A Simple Mode for Demon Scanner has now been added. Now even previously incompatible phones can find Succubus in your bathtub!
  • The default action when prompted for Battle Assist can now be changed when on auto mode.
  • Send demons you're saving for later into the new Demon Storage! Basically also gives you a bit more space for more new demons.
  • Several new Titles added.
  • Megakin’s TOPIC can now be turned off in the game's options screen.


Featured Summon Login Bonus


3/14/2019 (Thu) - 3/20/2019 23:59 (Wed)


3/14/2019 (Thu) - 4/3/2019 23:59 (Wed)


3/14/2019 (Thu) - 4/3/2019 23:59 (Wed)


3/14/2019 (Thu) - 3/20/2019 23:59 (Wed)

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