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(Role Summary)
(Role Summary)
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<section begin=tierentry />{{TierData|demon=Long|pvebest1=Purple|pvpbest2=Yellow
<section begin=tierentry />{{TierData|demon=Long|pvebest1=Purple|pvpbest2=Yellow
|pro= *A good speed stat and mag for a 4*
|pro= *A good speed stat and mag for a 4*

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Role Summary

Name Best Archetype(s) PVE PVP
PVE PVP Offense Defense
Long.jpg Long
ArchPurple.png ArchYellow.png 5 2.5 2.5
  • A good speed stat and mag for a 4*
  • Purple gives Mana Aid an excellent PvE skill.
  • Decent damage output for PvE if a Force AOE is transferred.
  • Functions fine in Force Democalypse
  • High AGI + Dragon Sense allow him to be built as an evade tank.
  • Extremely low LUK penalizes the evade tank build.
  • No innate AoE.
  • Much better Force users exist for PvP.

An awesome dragon, this demon delivers a lot on a single kit. While he is overshadowed by better 5* demons, it's mostly due to skill and element efficiency, not stats.

Long got an impressive 165 agility, and a passive that boosts both his hit rate and evasion. Also gets a reasonably priced high power single target Zandine, and a elemental damage buff to it, and enough strength to consider a physical skill as alternative when Force can't solve things.

His health is average, but his luck is poor, so don't hope much for critical hits and avoid status effects. At least enemies don't hit him as much so he doesn't take many critical hits.

Also, his electric weakness is somewhat cheap to fix, just requiring sacrifice of a Throne.

PvE Builds

Purple Long is one of the few Demons with Mana Aid, a skill that fully recovers MP between enemy waves. This makes him an useful demon to bring on levels of Hell Park, Strange Signal and Brands of Sin. But he absolutely needs Ward Brands on some of those stages.

PvP Builds