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==Seth (September 2018)==
==Seth (September)==

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Seth (September)


Wave 1

Dominion Vetala

Kiwami-seth-dominion.jpg Kiwami-seth-vetala.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Dominion - - - Rs Wk Nu Wk
Vetala - Wk - - - Wk Nu
Battle Speed 15,500

Wave 2

Koumokuten Seth Koumokuten

Kiwami-seth-koumokuten.jpg Kiwami-seth-seth.jpg Kiwami-seth-koumokuten.jpg

Resistances Physical.png Fire.png Ice.png Electricity.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Koumokuten - - - Nu Wk Rs -
Seth - Wk - Nu Nu - Dr
Koumokuten - - - Nu Wk Rs -
Battle Speed 19,800


  • Either dodge his attacks or prevent him altogether from doing damage with Alilat or Rama.
  • Adds cast Magic, so be prepared to heal/revive if neccessary.
  • Seth casts his skills randomly with no set pattern.


Alenael DX2-Eileen

Dodge Meme/Debuff Damage/Heals Himself Buff/Debuff/Dodge Bot Dodge Bot/Revive
Nekomata A.jpg Nekomata A ArchYellow.png Seth.jpg Seth Any Demon ArchPurple.png Quetzalcoatl.jpg Quetzalcoatl
Resist Elec Phys Boost Fog Breath Samarecarm
Evade Great Aim Luster Candy Evade

Good flex options are Rama, Amaterasu, Huang Long, etc. Any demon with some dodge and buff/dodge capabilities can fill this role. Shoot for a base of 40% dodge without any buffs. Seth didn't need to dodge as he healed himself each turn via Ouas. I passed to prioritize Seth being able to use Ouas every turn.