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Quests where rare items can be obtained for clearing them the first time.
These quests are usually very hard and require specific optimized teams and are therefore mostly categorized as endgame content.
Every month Kiwami quests are added that are available for two months:

  • Every odd month a new Kiwami is added. Clearing this rewards one Kasane Magatama
  • Every even month 3 previous Kiwamis are readded. Clearing these rewards one Blank Genome each.

Old System

Before October 2020, every month a new Kiwami was added. Clearing these during the month they were released awarded 2.000.000 Macca.
After the month they were released you could refight each Kiwami quest which rewarded one Monster Dew for the first clear.

List of Kiwamis

Month New Returning
Sep 2018 Seth
Oct 2018 Lakshmi All previous
Nov 2018 Cu Chulainn
Dec 2018 Siegfried
Jan 2019 Black Frost
Feb 2019 Michael
Mar 2019 Rama
Apr 2019 Garuda
May 2019 Mot
Jun 2019 Orcus
Jul 2019 Mara
Aug 2019 Barong
Sep 2019 Gogmagog
Oct 2019 Izanami
Nov 2019 Alice
Dec 2019 Susano-o
Jan 2020 Mother Harlot
Feb 2020 Surt
Mar 2020 Vasuki
Apr 2020 Asherah
May 2020 Zaou-Gongen
Jun 2020 Lilith
Jul 2020 Vishnu
Aug 2020 Black Rider
Sep 2020 Asura
Oct 2020 Seth, Mot, and Mother Harlot
Nov 2020 Samael
Dec 2020 Lakshmi, Orcus, and Surt
Jan 2021 Kartikeya
Feb 2021 Cu Chulainn, Mara, and Vasuki
Mar 2021 Alilat
Apr 2021 Siegfried, Barong and Asherah
May 2021 Ixtab
Jun 2021 Black Frost, Gogmagog and Zaou-Gongen
Jul 2021 Sraosha
Aug 2021 Michael, Izanami and Lilith
Sep 2021 Tzitzimitl
Oct 2021 Rama, Alice and Vishnu
Nov 2021 Erlkonig
Dec 2021 Garuda, Susano-o and Black Rider

List of Event Challenges

Event Challenges are limited time quests that are usually released and available during an Event. These are generally slightly difficult fights that aim to show off the new demons and provide titles or other small rewards for clearing them the first time.

Date Event Wiki Page
January 2019 Masakado Challenge Masakado Challenge
October 2019 Light of Divine Judgement Light of Divine Judgement Challenge
January 2020 Return Of the Guardian Return Of The Guardian Challenge
February 2020 D2 Expo Event Dx2 Expo Event Challenge
February 2020 The Umbra Witches The Umbra Witches Challenge
March 2020 Eternal Salvation SMTII Anniversary Event: Eternal Salvation Challenge
May 2020 Black Swordsman From Beyond Black Swordsman From Beyond Challenge & Black Swordsman From Beyond Advanced Challenge
August 2020 Wrathful Goddess and the Fruit of Immortality Wrathful Goddess and the Fruit of Immortality: Challenge & Wrathful Goddess and the Fruit of Immortality: Advanced Challenge
October 2020 Souls of the Devil Hunters DMC Collaboration Challenge & DMC Collaboration Advanced Challenge
November 2020 Those Who Are Worthy "Those Who Are Worthy" Event Challenge & "Those Who Are Worthy" Event Advanced Challenge
December 2020 Ghost of Cyberspace Ghost of Cyberspace Challenge & Ghost of Cyberspace Advanced Challenge
January 2021 Imperfect We May Be... Demiurge Challenge
February 2021 One True Self Hallel Challenge
May 2021 Keeping Evil at Bay Salvation Challenge & Salvation Advanced Challenge