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In Eclipse, you can only bring demons of a specific race. The quests are designed so that they all can be cleared with 4★s at max level.


You should only try to clear up to Stage 9 for the 4★ ticket. Doing stage 10 is just for a challenge.

Fairy Eclipse (August)

Demon List

  • 4★ Titania
  • 4★ Oberon
  • 3★ Silky
  • 3★ Setanta
  • 2★ High Pixie
  • 2★ Kelpie
  • 1★ Pixie
  • 1★ Pyro Jack
  • 1★ Jack Frost

Recommended Skills

If you transfer Zan (from Pixie) to all of your demons and focus your attacks on the boss, it’s definitely possible to clear all stages with base 2★ or lower (evolved to 4★).
Magical Attackers
Titania: Extremely high Magic stat, knows Elec Boost, and has no weaknesses
Oberon: Very high Magic stat, knows Force Boost. Though Oberon also has a high Strength stat, it’s recommended to use him as a magical attacker because of low Agility and Luck.
Silky: High Magic stat, knows Bufudyne.
High Pixie: Higher Magic stat than Silky, no weaknesses, and easy to get skill points because 2★
Pixie: Extremely high Agility and easy to get skill points because 1★.
Physical Attackers
Setanta: High Strength stat, and has both a single target + AoE phys skill.
Kelpie: High Agility stat.
Pyro Jack / Jack Frost: High Magic stat, wants to be Yellow Awakened for Baton Pass, and has both single target + aoe magic.

Recommended Party Compositions

Balanced Party

Titania (Purple)
Setanta (Teal)
Pyro Jack (Yellow)
Jack Frost (Yellow)
Titania is the magic attacker, Setanta is the physical attacker, and Pyro Jack + Jack Frost supports the rest of the party with Baton Pass to get as many turns to the attackers.

Budget Party

Pixie (Red)
High Pixie (Clear)
Kelpie (Clear)
Silky (Red)
Make use of skill transfer to get Zan on High Pixie/Silky as well as other elemental magic you feel is necessary.

Example Party + Strategy for Stage 9

Magic Attacker 1 Magic Attacker 2 Supporter Supporter
Silky (Unawakened, 3★ level 35) High Pixie (Unawakened, 3★ level 35) Pyro Jack (Yellow Awakened, 2★ level 30) Jack Frost(Yellow Awakened, 2★ level 30)
Zio (Transferred) Zio (Transferred) None None
Zan (Transferred) Zan (Transferred) None None
Life brand set on everyone except either High Pixie or Silky, who gets a Spell brand set.
Shield brand set on everyone as secondary.

Liberator: Templar Dragon

Wave 1
Play as usual, killing the Angels first with Zio and healing up with Life Stones before heading into wave 2

Wave 2
Use Mazio on High Pixie, while focusing down a Blob with Silky. After 1 Blob is down, take down the Horus and leave the final Blob alive. Heal up with Life Stones + Pass to all your members to get Max MP before heading into the next stage.

Wave 3
This is the RNG wave. As long as you can survive going second, you’ve got this in the bag.
First, kill off the Hanuman with Zio + Mazio, and then before your turn ends, make sure to use a Repel Mag (Makarakarn) Mirror.
Forneus will either use Fog Breath, Mazio or Bufala, and if it uses Mazio or Bufala the turn will end for them. Kikuri-Hime’s only offensive magic is Maragion, which would’ve probably been fatal for Silky + Jack Frost if you didn’t have the Makarakarn mirror up.
Focus down the Kikuri-Hime with Zio, and you should come out with a victory! If you can’t down the boss before your turn ends, use another Repel Mag mirror.