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Eclipse are 10-floor special events that implement a special rule, which limits players to Demons from certain races, and yield various rewards. The rule restriction changes, while the rewards refresh, on a monthly basis.


  • These stages are designed to be clearable with a full roster of fully-leveled demons that are evolved to 4★ or already naturally 4★. You can easily clear the lower stages without such demons though!
  • Brands make a big difference; make sure to make good use of them! Even low level brands with the right attributes (i.e. Magic Attack% on a magical attacker) and the set bonuses can make all the difference.
  • Try to clear up to Stage 9 for the 4★ ticket. Training demons to do Stage 10 isn't generally worth it, unless you already have the demon of that race ready for it.
  • Make use of the Dx2 Leaders! Especially Chalk Eater and Templar Dragon can be useful, as these give you more press turns or make items spammable respectively.
  • Near the end of the month an Event will be held that makes Eclipse Stages cost 0 Stamina. This can be a good opportunity to clear it, if you have not done so.
  • Also make use of the free 4★ Demon you get at the end of the month before. It is usually a good way to easily clear the early stages, even without other leveled demons of the chosen Race(s).

Overview of Eclipses



  • May - Deity + Night
  • June - Fairy + Avian