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NOTE: This guide is outdated, and has not been updated since early 2021. It does not take new demons, panel changes, or the removal of the prelim multiplier hard cap into account. Take all advice/information on this page with a humongous grain of salt.


Democalypse is a bi-weekly event in which factions compete against one another by defeating Calamities (boss demons with extremely high HP, shared across faction members), in three areas across Tokyo.

Basic Concepts

Each Democalypse event is divided into three phases, Before Cull, During Cull, and After Cull. In the Before Cull phase, faction leaders will choose one of three available areas to target: Shinjuku, Akihabara or Odaiba. Each of these areas corresponds to an elemental weakness that is shared across all enemy demons in that area. In this phase, players may do simulated practice battles. In the During Cull phase, players are able to fight their faction's selected Calamity twice each day. Each battle requires that players prepare a team of 6 unique demons, divided into sub-teams of 3: One sub-team to use elemental AoE (area of effect) attacks against a horde of demons, and the other sub-team to use elemental ST (single-target) attacks against the Calamity boss. Once a demon has been used in a battle, it cannot be used in a Democalypse battle until the next day. This means players must prepare 12 unique demons, to be used across 2 daily battles.

In the After Cull phase, faction and player rankings are displayed, and rewards are distributed.


Democalypse is a team effort, and 1 person not participating drags everybody down a lot.

If you are going to be absent please make sure to inform your clan as to minimize drama from lack of participation. The Democ system will unfortunately not allow clan leaders to see detailed stats. Meaning that players can troll by not participating, bringing everybody down coins not only in the overall score if you get knocked down from a percentage tier, but downed bosses as well. Accountability is the most desired trait if you are a player looking to join a high end democ clan above sheer account power level.


During the Horde wave of a battle, players score in the form of a bonus multiplier. The multiplier increases based on damage done, and how many times the elemental weakness of enemy demons is exploited. During the boss wave, all damage done to the Calamity is multiplied by this bonus multiplier, and is added to the total score.

In-depth multiplier explanation

  • You start off with 1.0 base multiplier
    • On day two, and three, the base multiplier will be increased based on your faction's participation bonus. Maximum increase is by 0.8 points for at least 20 participants, netting you a 1.8 base multiplier
  • You get 0.1 per weakness hit (max 0.4 per spell), and 0.05 per 1% of the horde's HP
    • Which means 4.8 max for 12 spells, plus 5.0 for clearing the horde's hp (=10.8)
    • The Prelim Horde demon is actually coded as 4 separate demons. Weakness hit is capped at 0.1 per demon per spell. This means skills like Ashura, Dragon Blade and MahaLantine will only give +0.4, despite hitting weakness more than once.
      • This also makes random targeting attacks bad for Prelim, since if you hit the same demon twice, you will not gain multiplier from the second hit.
  • You can gain additional multiplier by using specific demons:
    • Demons like Agni, Ym, and Anzu can increase your multiplier due to their passive's additional hits.
    • Demons like Mot and Masakado A can increase your multiplier due to gaining extra press turns
      • The theoretical maximum multiplier is 12.8 for the first day (using Mot, Masakado A, and Anzu/Agni/Ym, while clearing the horde's HP), or 13.6 the following days (with the same setup)
    • Flauros is unique in that his chain effects all come from separate skills (Iron Fist chains into Hell Leopard, which further chains into his Panel 2 Bonus). This allows him to farm an absurd amount of multiplier, since he can bypass the "only once per skill" limitation on weaknesses hit bonus.


Time Frame Season Akihabara Shinjuku Odaiba
September 45 Ice.png Ice Light.png Light Phys.png Phys
Semptember-October 46 Force.png Force Fire.png Fire Dark.png Dark
October 47 Elec.png Elec Ice.png Ice Light.png Light
November 48 Phys.png Phys Force.png Force Fire.png Fire
November-December 49 Dark.png Dark Elec.png Elec Ice.png Ice
December 50 Light.png Light Phys.png Phys Force.png Force
January 51 Fire.png Fire Dark.png Dark Elec.png Elec
  • Bonus area in BOLD
  • There are 3 locations: Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Odaiba
  • There are 7 Calamities, each based on a different weakness, which rotate

Area Information

Horde Calamity
Ares Quetzalcoatl
Skills Skills
Herculean Strike Mahamaon
Counter Mazanma
Hama Mahama
Dekunda Affinity Shift: Dark
Notes Notes
Uses Dekunda -
Horde Calamity
Makara Mastema
Skills Skills
Makara Break Mabufula
Bufu Rakukaja
Rakukaja Mabufu
Null Weak Affinity Shift: Fire
Notes Notes
Uses Rakukaja Uses Rakukaja
Horde Calamity
Kresnik Mother Harlot
Skills Skills
Sukunda Mazionga
Null Elec Elec Boost
Zio Mazio
Mana Aid Affinity Shift: Force
Notes Notes
Uses Sukunda -
Horde Calamity
Ammut Seraph
Skills Skills
Rebellion Maragion
Agi Tarunda
Madness Nails Maragi
Agility Amp II Affinity Shift: Ice
Notes Notes
- Uses Tarunda
Horde Calamity
Unicorn Zaou-Gongen
Skills Skills
Zan Mazanma
Null Charm Force Boost
Mazan Mazan
Bufudyne Affinity Shift: Elec
Notes Notes
- -
Horde Calamity
Baphomet Black Frost
Skills Skills
Mamudo Mamudoon
Life Drain Mabufula
Mudo Mamudo
Mana Gain Affinity Shift: Light
Notes Notes
- -
Horde Calamity
Hathor Tsukuyomi
Skills Skills
Amrita Maragi
Zan Mabufu
Zionga Mazan
Meposumudi Affinity Shift: Phys
Notes Notes
- -

"Affinity Shift: <Element>: Becomes Weak against <Element>. -70% to all (including Almighty) attack damage received excluding <Element>. -100% to Critical hit rate of damage received."


  • You earn two kinds of rewards:
    • Based on your faction's placement on the rankings
    • and based on your personal placement on the rankings
Faction Ranking Rewards Faction Ranking Rewards (BONUS AREA)
Top Gems Demo Coins Magnetite Top Gems Demo Coins Magnetite
0.1% - 3.0% 300 250 500,000 0.1% - 3.0% 450 375 750,000
3.1% - 10.0% 250 200 150,000 3.1% - 10.0% 375 300 225,000
10.1% - 40.0% 250 150 50,000 10.1% - 40.0% 375 225 75,000
40.1% - 70.0% 200 100 30,000 40.1% - 70.0% 300 150 45,000
70.1% - 100.0% 200 50 10,000 70.1% - 100.0% 300 75 15,000
Top Yasaka Magatama 1★ Prize Cube (Personal) Kasane Magatama
0.1% - 3.0% 10 10 1
3.1% - 10.0% 8 5 1
10.1% - 40.0% 8 1 -
40.1% - 70.0% 6 - -
70.1% - 100.0% 6 - -
Prize Cube (Personal) can contain
Kasane Magatama 1
Blank Genome 1
Skill Extraction File 2
Yasaka Magatama 2★ 2
Macca 100,000
Macca 50,000
Participation Reward (up to 2 times daily) Gems x20
Vanquish Reward Demo Coins x10

In addition to the distributed rewards, a participation reward of 20 gems is given to players every time they participate in a democalypse battle. A reward of 10 Democalypse Coins is also given to all faction members each time the faction defeats a Calamity.

Democalypse Coins

Coins can be exchanged in the Cull shop for a variety of prizes, including Seraph and Norn, their spirits, Absolute Summon Files and Ultimate Summon Files.

Exchange Lineup Democalypse Coins needed
5★ Herald Seraph (1st time) × 1 1,500
5★ Herald Seraph (2nd time and after) × 1 2,000
Seraph Spirit × 5 25
5★ Megami Norn (1st time) × 1 1,500
5★ Megami Norn (2nd time and after) × 1 2,000
Norn Spirit × 5 25
Absolute Summon File × 1 1,000
Ultimate Summon File × 1 100
Universal Spirit 5★ × 1 (max. 50 times, until 3/31 2021) 100

Note: *"Seraph/Norn Spirit × 5" will be available after "5★ Herald Seraph/Megami Norn" has been exchanged.


Past (and future) rankings can be found on its own wiki page: Democalypse Ranking


This section is intended to provide in-depth information on how to build demons and teams for Democalypse.


With the addition of Bonus Areas a lot of factions will tackle every single element and switch between them every week. With 12 Demons needed per element and 6 non Physical elements that would be 72 different demons specialized for each element. Not only is it basically impossible for Beginners to build enough demons for each element this way, it will also be fairly wasteful since the personal returns are low compared to the required investments.
Therefore it is usually good idea to invest in a group of Generalist type demons first, that only need minimal investment, like a transfer of a skill of the appropriate type and element, to perform well. This way you can save resources like Mitama, Evolving materials or Magnetite.
Generalists are the first demons you should focus on building for Democalypse.
A good guideline is to have around 6 or more generalists to vastly decrease the initial investment to prepare for an element. Once you have enough left over resources you can start optimizing your teams by slowly switching out the lower performing generalists with more specialized demons.

Boss Prelim Any
Fusable or Exchange

Seraph.jpg Norn.jpg

Garuda.jpg Ananta.jpg Ishtar.jpg Lucifer.jpg Hresvelgr.jpg

Anubis.jpg Cybele.jpg Titania.jpg Izanami.jpg Lakshmi.jpg


Indrajit.jpg Abaddon A.jpg Uriel.jpg Mahakala.jpg

Vairocana.jpg Masakado A.jpg

Mot.jpg Agni.jpg Atropos.jpg Ardha.jpg

Damage Optimization

This section will try to explain ways to increase your damage using a very simplified way of looking at the damage formula that breaks it down to the parts you can influence the most with how you set up your teams and demons.
For the full non simplified damage formula check out: Formulas

DAMAGE = Offensive-stat * Skill-Power * (1+(Damage Boosts/100)) * Buffs

Offensive Stats

The offensive stat a demon uses will usually be either Phys ATK or Mag ATK. There are special exceptions like Phys DEF for demons that use Earthquake or Muscle Punch and Ragnarok which scales with both MAtk and PAtk.
Base stats are dependent on a demons stats (STR, MAG, VIT) and their level.

PATK = STR * 2.1 + LVL * 5.6 + 50
MATK = MAG * 2.1 + LVL * 5.6 + 50
PDEF = VIT * 1.1 + STR * 0.5 + LVL * 5.6 + 50

This means the most basic way to increase a demons damage is the obvious way of awakening your demons and leveling them to 50.
From Personal testing damage increase from a higher base stat scales linearly. This means that damage dealt increases by less percent for each additional point of Magic or Strength the higher the stat already is, meaning percentage based damage transfers are generally better for demons unless they have a really low base stat.
Offensive stats can also be increased through Panels by a flat amount (usually Panel-2 on most demons).


The main way to increase your demons stats after they are fully leveled and awakened is Brands. In general a well branded demon will deal 3 times or more damage compared to an unbranded one during Democalypse.
For information on how to Brand your demons and specifics for Brand stats refer to this: Brands

The following is a quick reference table to evaluate the quality of your PAtk and MAtk brand sets.
For most demons every [8 Flat]-bonus will be about equal to a [1 %]-bonus on your brands.

Brand % Flat Set Bonuses in %
Optimal 95- 200- 30
Good 75-95 100-200 20-30
Usable 60-75 0-100 20
Bad -60 0 0-20

Brand Management

Assembling a decent full brand set for Democalypse is already hard enough, even more so 12 or possibly 72. Therefore it is much more ideal to make 6 Brand Sets each for Phys Atk and Mag Atk and use the switch brand function to move them between your teams and between elements depending on Democalypse. Doing this requires a large administrative overhead, but will increase your scores significantly.

Steps to proper brand management:

  • Assemble at least 6 brand sets for both Magic Atk and Phys Atk. You might need to make additional ones for demons with special brand requirements (Surt, Gogmagog) and for demons you are using to cast Buffs
  • Organize your teams in such a way that you can quickly look up from who you have to switch brands to whom
  • Run a simulation before every actual run to make sure you didn't mess up one of your brand switchups

Skill Power

The Base Power of the attack skill your demon will use is a large factor in determining the final damage value. Unique skills frequently have higher Base Power than transferable skills so demons with Unique Skills for the specific element and stage of Democalypse are always preferred. If you also do not have access to higher power transferable skills, you should instead use demons with those skills innately when possible, even if they are theoretically lower when it comes to maximum possible damage.
Multi Hit skills should generally be avoided when the option for normal Single Target skills exists for the Boss phase, since they are worse than the best Single Target options on average (~165 BP vs 180 BP) and they will lead to a much larger variation in scores (Damage range for Single Target 95% - 105% vs Multi Hit ~60% - ~140%)

For non physical transferable skills availability depends on Element, Base Power and type of attack move.

Single Target:

  • Tier 4 - 180 BP: Usually only available as Gacha skills from 5* demons are as the transferable of banner exclusive demons. Exceptions: Hell Gaze and Thunderclap as Wukong's Gacha skills
  • Tier 3 - 160 BP: Available as transfers from fusable 4*s. Zandyne and Mudodyne are more expensive to obtain via fusion than others.
  • Tier 2 - 140 BP: The lowest you should go and even then only if you have no resources to spare. Obtainable as transfer skills from 2*s available in the compendium

Multi Target:

  • Tier 3 - 120 BP: Rare as gacha skills on various demons or as transferable skills on 5* demons. It is possible to obtain equivalent versions to these skills by ranking in at least Diamond1 at the end of a PvP week
  • Tier 2 - 100 BP: Similar availability to Tier3, except some elements also have easily fusable sources (Ice - Tiamat, Elec - Tlaltecuhtli, Force - Jikokuten)
  • Tier 1 - 80 BP: Obtainable as transfer skills from 2*s available in the compendium

The best way to get good transferable skills for specific elements consistently is by buying Genome Cubes from the Duel Point exchange shop for that element.
The best ways to find out availability for each specific skill is by looking it up on the Skill List or on the skills tab in the Fusion Calculator.

Damage Boosts

Damage Boosts refers to anything that mentions a %-increase towards damage. These can come from the following sources:

  • Skill Levels
  • Skills
  • Panels
  • Team Boosts from unique skills

All of these percentage boosts are added together and then multiplied with the original damage, therefore leveling a skill until it gives 20% increased damage is the exact same as transfering Merciless Blow when it comes to damage for Democalypse.

Damage Transfers
Usage 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%
Element specific - - <Element> Boost & Elemental Cycle - <Element> Amp & <Element> Enhancement
Single Target - Assassin - Master Assassin -
Multi Target or Multi-Hit - Serial Killer - Butcher -
Universal - Back Attack & <Element> Enhancement & Berserker & Sadistic Blow - Merciless Blow -
Physical Attacks - - - Death Blow Sadistic Blow

Of note for this list is that the Physical Attacks row is not strictly talking about attacks using Phys element, but instead Physical attacks, meaning attacks that can crit and miss.


Buffs and Debuffs are one of the most essential ways to further increase your damage. Exammples for some damage calculations depending on buff situations that can appear during Democalypse

  • Own Attack up: +20% to damage you deal
  • Enemy Defense down: +20% to damage you deal
  • Own Attack up + Enemy Defense down: +40% to damage you deal
  • Own Attack down: -20% to damage you deal
  • Enemy Defense up: -20% to damage you deal
  • Enemy Def up + Own Atk up: No change to damage dealt
  • Enemy Def down + Own Atk down: No change to damage dealt

Since you are unable to give manual commands to your team during Democalypse, the process of obtaining buffs is frequently a bit more involved.


The most effective way to obtain buffs during the Prelim phase is by using Auto-Taruka and Auto-Rakunda. These skills are only rarely obtainable as transferable skills and therefore the easiest way to integrate them into your teams is by using demons with those skills innately.
Examples: Garuda, Agni, Ananta, Hresvelgr, Pale Rider for Magic based elements or Zhong Kui, Nergal, Orochi, Fenrir for Phys

During Prelim you usually do not want to use Press Turns for anything but casting Multi Target spells to maximize the Weakness-multiplier and since the damage multiplier has a Maximum anyway. Therefore actively casting buffs or using Single Target or Multi Hit skills to obtain buffs is not advised.


There are two essential differences to consider between the Boss and Horde waves when it comes to buffs.

  • 1. Auto-skills of any type do not activate on Boss waves. This is true for any skill that uses the words "at the beginning of the 1st turn", which also means Auto-Rebellion for example will not work. On the other hand skill that activate at the beginning of a boss battle like Moment of Fate or Lord of the Abyss will work.
  • 2. It is not necessary for every attack to exploit the weakness of the opponent for the highest possible score. While it is still optimal to use demons that apply buffs/debuffs as part of their skills (i.e Susano-o, Panel 3 Vasuki, ...) it is still possible to make a demons AI actively use it's turn to cast a buff spell.

Manual Buffing/Teching:

While it is impossible to get a demon to cast any debuff skill (Rakunda, Acid Breath, War Cry, Debilitate, Offensive Cry) it is possible to get the demon AI to cast a buff skill as long as a few conditions are met.

These conditions are:

1. The buff has to increase at least one other stat aside from Attack (Defense, Ev/Acc). This means skills like War Dance, Blood Rush, Luster Candy, Barong Dance are viable for Manual Buffing
2. Demon AI has to be changed to Support using an AI tendency selector from the Karma shop.
3. The demon casting the buff has to be below a certain offensive stat threshold. This threshold varies depending on the attack skill the demon uses to attack, their HP (higher HP = higher threshold) and how many things their buff increases (Luster Candy has a higher threshold than War Dance for example). Depending on how much extra HP the demon gets from brands (Life set bonus, +HP%) or skills the thresholds are somewhere around: 
	 War Dance / Blood Rush : 1000-1500
	 Luster Candy-type buff : 1500-1800
(4. The demon casting the buff needs to go second. This is not a requirement, but otherwise you will have suboptimal Press Turn usage, making you lose out on a solid amount of damage. Exception: Panel 3 Mot wants to go last)

Using a demon for Manual Buffing will give higher returns the harder the other demons in the team hit, because increasing the damage of your hardest hitters will frequently give higher returns than just using a third mediocre damage dealer.
Demons that are commonly used for manual buffing are: Abaddon A, Panel 3 Mot, Agni
Demons that can be used for manual buffing without a buff skill transfer: Rama, Huang Long, Vishnu, Barong, Cerberus

Solar Skills

A new addition to the game are the so called Solar skills, Solar Prosperity and Solar Downfall. These basically work like one turn versions of Auto-skills except that they are activated at the start of every wave allowing them to be used even on the boss wave. This opens up some specialized applications for these types of skills:

Solar Downfall

  • Equivalent to Auto-Rakunda for Fire Prelim
  • Gives access to one turn of debuffs for teams that have no way to otherwise apply them
  • For Fire Boss effectively neutralizes the Bosses Rakukaja

Solar Prosperity

  • For Ice Boss effectively neutralizes the bosses Tarunda, without requiring a manual buffer, making it strictly superior in that specific case
  • Can provide buffs before they would normally kick in through manual or unique skill usage on boss phase. Of note is that, for all elements except Ice this will not substitute getting buffs through another way.

Element Specific

This section will try to provide rankings for damage potential and things to look out for on each element.


  • Tiers are generally sorted from Left > Right
  • These lists are not fully complete, meaning not every possible demon will be included. Instead the focus is on only ranking each notable gacha demon, most usable fusable 5*s and at least 3 4*s and 3 3*s
  • For demons without a skill of an innate skill of the appropriate type and element the highest tier transferable skill is assumed for the evaluation.
  • Ratings can vary slightly depending on investment. Investment consists of Transfers/Panels/Skill-Levels/Mitama/Demon-Level/Archtype. Gaps between tiers are generally larger than gaps within tiers.
  • The primary ranking criteria is maximum damage potential, though ease of investment, minimum damage, average damage and utility (providing boosts to other demons) are also factored in. While most of these were determined through testing and calculations, it is still possible for some of these ratings to have a margin of error.

General Tier Explanation:

  • Utility Demons: These demons are in general used to provide buffs for your team either through manual buffing or through Unique Skills. You generally want to have a maximum of one Utility Demon per team. The major exception is Panel3 Mot, who can still be paired with demons that already generate buffs themselves (Susano-o. Tokisada, Panel3 Mahakala) just for the extra turns.
  • Innate Auto: List of demons that have a damage increasing Auto skill in their innate kit.
  • Extra Multiplier: Demons that have ways of achieving a higher maximum multiplier, than which is normally possible through clearing the prelim health bar. This is done through Chain Effects that allow generating more weakness multiplier (extra Press Turns, extra Attacks of a certain element).
  • Tier 0-X: Ranking of general damage potential for assorted demons. The lower the tier number the better. Tier 0 are the most outstanding demons that you should always use as long as you are able to.
  • Filler: Demons that usually have an attack move or boost for the corresponding element. These are not worth investing in for Democalypse and should only be used to fill up slots if you have no other option.
  • Panel3-, 3xHerald- and 3xLady-: These prefixes apply to the demon listed immediately after them, to denote special rankings under specific circumstances. Panel3 denotes having Spirit Panel 3 of the demon in question completed. 3xHerald requires that all demons in the team that the demon is used in are from the Divine or Herald race. 3xLady requires that all demons in the team that the demon is used in are from the Femme or Lady race.


Phys Prelim
Tier Demons
Innate Auto

Zhong Kui.jpg Nergal.jpg Orochi.jpg Fenrir.jpg

Extra Multiplier

P2Flauros.jpg Masakado A.jpg Mot.jpg Flauros.jpg Jack the Ripper.jpg P1Motoko.jpg

Tier 0

Asura Lord.jpg Masakado.jpg Shiva.jpg Huang Di.jpg Guts.jpg

Tier 1

Dante☆.jpg Gogmagog.jpg Siegfried.jpg Seth.jpg Odin.jpg Thor.jpg Mozgus.jpg


Wu Kong.jpg Hanuman.jpg Matador.jpg Koumokuten.jpg Ose.jpg Scathach.jpg

Phys Boss
Tier Demons
Utility Demons

P3Mot.jpg P3ZG.jpg Abaddon A.jpg Kartikeya.jpg Wu Kong.jpg Zhong Kui.jpg Cerberus.jpg

Tier 0

P3Mara.jpg Ose Hallel.jpg

Tier 1

Yoshitsune.jpg Kali.jpg Susano-o A.jpg Ardha.jpg Asura.jpg

Tier 2

Asura Lord.jpg Guan Yu.jpg Cu Chulainn.jpg Cu Chulainn A.jpg

Tier 3

Susano-o.jpg Seth.jpg Mara.jpg Shiva.jpg Zaou-Gongen.jpg Gogmagog.jpg Titan.jpg Siegfried.jpg Skull Knight.jpg


Demonee-Ho.jpg Thor.jpg Bishamonten.jpg Ares.jpg Grendel.jpg Arianrhod.jpg

Phys Notes

  • Crits: Physical attack type skills have the chance to land a critical hit which is 1.5x the normal damage of the attack, which is a significant difference. The physical boss is the only one without innate crit resistance, making it possible to land critical hits without Rebellion effects. This leads to a large damage variance depending on how often your teams manage to score critical hits. Therefore demons that can minimize this variance are scored slightly higher. Some examples:
  • Missing: Physical attacks also have the possibility of missing. This needs to be taken into account, because a miss will be disastrous during either part and vastly hurt your score. If during simulations you notice one of your demons repeatedly missing even if you have to decrease the damage for additional accuracy it will be worth it for the sake of consistency. Ways to increase a demons accuracy are Brands or skill transfers like Good Aim or Great Aim
  • Jack the Ripper Prelim: His unique ability Terror of London will hit randomly 1-3 times at the start of prelim poviding +0.1 extra multiplier per hit. On the other hand his base stats and innate skills are fairly bad for Democalypse meaning his damage potential is fairly low. Therefore you need to have two demons that can almost fully clear the Prelim healthbar by themselves to fully utilize this bonus multiplier.
  • Flauros Prelim: Due to Hell Leopard Flauros will usually produce +0.5 Weakness multiplier per activation of Iron Fist. With Spirit Panel 2 there is an additional increase from +0.1 to +0.3 to each Iron Fist, depending on how many different "parts" of the Horde are hit. Probabilities for this: +0.1 = 6.25%; +0.2 = 56.25%; +0.3 = 37.5% (assumption: each hit is equally likely to hit different parts; please correct if wrong)


Fire Prelim
Tier Demons
Innate Auto

Agni.jpg Ananta.jpg Garuda.jpg Pale Rider.jpg Hresvelgr.jpg

Extra Multiplier

Mot.jpg Masakado A.jpg 3CAtropos.jpg Agni.jpg

Tier 1

Quetzalcoatl A.jpg Belial.jpg

Tier 2

Cybele.jpg Azazel.jpg Prometheus.jpg Zaou-Gongen.jpg Schierke.jpg Ishtar.jpg Quetzalcoatl.jpg Lucifer.jpg Tachikoma.jpg


Amaterasu.jpg Kikuri-Hime.jpg Tlaltecuhtli.jpg Pele.jpg Efreet.jpg Hua Po.jpg

Fire Boss
Tier Demons
Utility Demons

P3Mahakala.jpg P3Mot.jpg 3CUriel.jpg Agni.jpg Abaddon A.jpg Norn.jpg Vairocana.jpg Huang Long.jpg Cerberus.jpg

Tier 0

Mahakala.jpg Seraph.jpg Surt.jpg Adramelech.jpg

Tier 1

Cybele.jpg Indrajit.jpg Quetzalcoatl A.jpg Atropos.jpg Prometheus.jpg Azazel.jpg Amaterasu.jpg

Tier 2

Izanami.jpg Anubis.jpg Titania.jpg Zaou-Gongen.jpg Efreet.jpg Lucifer.jpg


Kikuri-Hime.jpg Loki.jpg Tlaltecuhtli.jpg Azrael.jpg Asherah.jpg Hua Po.jpg Zouchouten.jpg Pele.jpg

Fire Notes


Ice Prelim
Tier Demons
Innate Auto

Hresvelgr.jpg Garuda.jpg Agni.jpg Pale Rider.jpg Ananta.jpg

Extra Multiplier

Mot.jpg Masakado A.jpg Ym.jpg

Tier 0
Tier 1

Black Frost.jpg Beiji-Weng.jpg Rama.jpg King Frost.jpg Ishtar.jpg Lucifer.jpg


Schierke.jpg Hel.jpg Sarasvati.jpg Tiamat.jpg Gui Xian.jpg Silky.jpg

Ice Boss
Tier Demons
Utility Demons

P3Mot.jpg 3CUriel.jpg Norn.jpg Abaddon A.jpg Agni.jpg Vairocana.jpg Vishnu.jpg Huang Long.jpg Cerberus.jpg

Tier 0

Vasuki.jpg Frost Ace.jpg

Tier 1

Seraph.jpg Indrajit.jpg Atropos.jpg Ym.jpg Izanami.jpg Black Frost.jpg Cybele.jpg Anubis.jpg Titania.jpg

Tier 2

Mastema.jpg King Frost.jpg Beiji-Weng.jpg Tiamat.jpg Gui Xian.jpg Hresvelgr.jpg


Skadi.jpg Hel.jpg Sarasvati.jpg Ixtab.jpg Succubus.jpg Mermaid.jpg

Ice Notes

  • Boss Tarunda: The very first move the boss will use is Tarunda. After that no matter what he will not cast it again. Ways to deal with this in descending order of effectiveness:
    • Uriel in a team consisting of only Herald or Divine demons
    • Norn's Moment of Fate. Additionally Panel 3 reapplies buffs during your last turn.
    • Solar Prosperity
    • Manual Buffing (refer to the corresponding section earlier in this guide)
  • King Frost Boss: If your team already has a way of reducing the enemies defense using Red Archtype will be more optimal otherwise you will want him to cast Cold World except if your other two demons are very weak
  • Vairocana Boss: Radiant Mantra can remove the bosses Tarunda at the start of the second turn allowing you to stay at neutral buffs.


Elec Prelim
Tier Demons
Innate Auto

Garuda.jpg Agni.jpg Pale Rider.jpg Ananta.jpg Hresvelgr.jpg

Extra Multiplier

Mot.jpg Masakado A.jpg Anzu.jpg 3CAtropos.jpg

Tier 0

Nero☆.jpg Anat.jpg

Tier 1

Titania.jpg Ishtar.jpg Lucifer.jpg Lilith.jpg Nero.jpg


Mishaguji.jpg Succubus.jpg Barong.jpg Dominion.jpg Tlaltecuhtli.jpg Baihu.jpg Power.jpg

Elec Boss
Tier Demons
Utility Demons

P3Mot.jpg 3CUriel.jpg Abaddon A.jpg Agni.jpg Norn.jpg Huang Long.jpg Barong.jpg Cerberus.jpg

Tier 0

Indrajit.jpg Thor.jpg

Tier 1

Izanami.jpg Seraph.jpg Gabriel.jpg Anat.jpg

Tier 2

Nero☆.jpg Atropos.jpg Titania.jpg Aniel.jpg Nero.jpg Cybele.jpg Anubis.jpg Schierke.jpg Lakshmi.jpg


White Rider.jpg Loki.jpg Sphinx.jpg Dominion.jpg Baihu.jpg

Elec Notes

  • Overture: After the first cast it becomes equivalent to a 180 Skill power Multi-Target move, because of the concentrate effect. This means if Nero☆ is used for Boss usually it will be better to not use Red Archtype or transfer Thunder Reign
  • Atropos: Atropos' unique skill Passionate Rage can give up to +0.8 additional multiplier if used in an all Lady and/or Femme team.


Force Prelim
Tier Demons
Innate Auto

Pale Rider.jpg Agni.jpg Garuda.jpg Ananta.jpg Hresvelgr.jpg

Extra Multiplier

Mot.jpg Masakado A.jpg

Tier 0

Baal.jpg Cu Chulainn A.jpg

Tier 1

Cu Chulainn.jpg Ishtar.jpg Quetzalcoatl.jpg Lucifer.jpg Oberon.jpg Schierke.jpg


Hresvelgr.jpg Rangda.jpg Lilim.jpg Illuyanka.jpg Unicorn.jpg

Force Boss
Tier Demons
Utility Demons

Susano-o.jpg P3Mot.jpg 3CUriel.jpg Abaddon A.jpg Agni.jpg Norn.jpg Huang Long.jpg Vishnu.jpg Cerberus.jpg

Tier 0

Garuda A.jpg

Tier 1

Raphael.jpg Seraph.jpg Baal.jpg Indrajit.jpg

Tier 2

Atropos.jpg Lakshmi.jpg Oberon.jpg Izanami.jpg Cybele.jpg Anubis.jpg Titania.jpg Cu Chulainn.jpg

Tier 3

Long.jpg Cu Chulainn A.jpg Pale Rider.jpg Garuda.jpg


Lilim.jpg Isis.jpg Sandalphon.jpg Tsukuyomi.jpg Illuyanka.jpg

Force Notes

  • Oberon:: Red Oberon has slightly higher damage than other colors, but will have higher variance for damage and is therefore not recommended
  • Baal: The main consideration factor of consideration for if you should use Baal for the Boss or the Prelim stage depends on the demon you would substitute him with for the corresponding phase. Additionally it matters how your Baal is built, Red Baal for example is usually stronger for Boss.


Light Prelim
Tier Demons
Innate Auto

Garuda.jpg Agni.jpg Pale Rider.jpg Ananta.jpg Hresvelgr.jpg

Extra Multiplier

3CGabriel.jpg Mot.jpg Masakado A.jpg

Tier 0


Tier 1

Metatron.jpg Raphael.jpg Ishtar.jpg Quetzalcoatl.jpg Lucifer.jpg Sphinx.jpg


Lailah.jpg Daisoujou.jpg Sleipnir.jpg Sandalphon.jpg Throne.jpg Mitra.jpg Horus.jpg

Light Boss
Tier Demons
Utility Demons

P3Mot.jpg 3CUriel.jpg Tokisada.jpg Abaddon A.jpg Agni.jpg Norn.jpg Vishnu.jpg Huang Long.jpg Cerberus.jpg

Tier 0

Seraph.jpg Michael.jpg

Tier 1

3CGabriel.jpg Aniel.jpg Indrajit.jpg Raphael.jpg Ishtar.jpg

Tier 2

Mastema.jpg Metatron.jpg Gabriel.jpg Izanami.jpg Anubis.jpg Cybele.jpg Titania.jpg Lakshmi.jpg Lailah.jpg


White Rider.jpg Sleipnir.jpg Dantalian.jpg Jeanne d'Arc.jpg Principality.jpg Sandalphon.jpg Horus.jpg

Light Notes

  • Light is pretty straightforward. Mainly you will have to test where to apply Archangel synergies if you have them.


Dark Prelim
Tier Demons
Innate Auto

Agni.jpg Ananta.jpg Garuda.jpg Pale Rider.jpg Hresvelgr.jpg

Extra Multiplier

Mot.jpg Masakado A.jpg

Tier 0
Tier 1

Yama.jpg Alice.jpg Anubis.jpg Ishtar.jpg Lucifer.jpg Beelzebub.jpg Lilith A.jpg Lilith.jpg Pazuzu.jpg Black Frost.jpg


Skadi.jpg Ixtab.jpg Kaiwan.jpg Peallaidh.jpg Persephone.jpg Ikusa.jpg

Dark Boss
Tier Demons
Utility Demons

P3Mot.jpg 3CUriel.jpg Norn.jpg Abaddon A.jpg Agni.jpg Huang Long.jpg Vishnu.jpg Cerberus.jpg

Tier 0

Izanami.jpg Hecate.jpg Seraph.jpg

Tier 1

Alice.jpg Yama.jpg Anubis.jpg Indrajit.jpg

Tier 2

Lucifuge.jpg Lilith A.jpg Cybele.jpg Titania.jpg Alice A.jpg Black Frost.jpg Ixtab.jpg Azrael.jpg


Pazuzu.jpg Baphomet.jpg Beelzebub.jpg Rangda.jpg Kaiwan.jpg

Dark Notes

  • Prelim Dekunda: The Ares Horde will use Dekunda as its first move, if they are debuffed in some way. The only way to reapply Rakunda currently is by using Agni
  • Lilith A: Even with Spirit Panel 2, Lilith's critical chance when attacking with Temptation is too low to crit anywhere near consistently. This means a Single Target transfer like Hell Gaze or Mudodyne will most likely lead to a much higher score when using her.

Team Composition

This section will give specific builds for some common teams and strategies as well as explain some of the ratings of the more commonly appearing demons in the previous section.
One major general guideline is that you will want to have your stronger Prelim team paired with your stronger Boss team. If you want to optimize your teams you can not get around running a lot of simulations and adjusting your teams based on those results.

Extra Press Turns

There are a few demons that have the ability to give your team extra Press Turns, which is incredibly valuable. Since usually there are demons for every element that deal way more damage than the others (examples: Garuda A for Force Boss, Quetzalcoatl A for Fire Prelim) giving these demons more opportunities to attack will vastly outweigh just using another mediocre damage dealer.

Mot.jpg Mot:

  • Harmonious Death gives an extra Press Turn and increases all of Mot's damage
  • Spirit Panel 3 gives another Press Turn on your third turn, which allows for a total of 2 extra Press Turns in Boss Phase
  • General rule of thumb: If Mot is Panel3 use him on the Boss Phase otherwise on Prelim
P3 Mot Boss Team (Example Elec)
ArchPurple.png Indrajit.jpg Indrajit
ArchPurple.png Thor.jpg Thor
ArchPurple.png Mot.jpg Mot
Luster Candy
Thunder Reign
Manual Buffing Brands
P3 unlocked, going last/3rd

Above is a generic example of what a Boss team using Panel3 Mot looks like. Always use the two heaviest hitters you own in the first two slots of this team. To quickly identify those you can reference the ranking section above. By setting your team up this way you can ensure that your heaviest hitters get what's equivalent to a full fourth round of attacks while also getting the damage increase from buffs, which means on average around +33% to your total score.
Mot's Luster Candy can also be either War Dance or Blood Rush for manual buffing. His Thunder Reign can also be any other Single Target or Multi Hit skill and has to be exchanged for a skill of the appropriate element for the other elements.

Masakado A.jpg Masakado A:

  • Guardian of the East gives an extra Press Turn.
  • Butcher and his Panel 1 allow him to not be completely useless in the damage area during Prelim slightly compensating for his low Magic stat
  • Because of his high Agility you will need to use Lead Brands, Agility Mitama or high Agility Demons so they can go before him to fully utilize the extra Press Turn


Uriel has the ability through both his Panel 2 and his unique skill God's Fire to provide full offensive buffs to your entire team in the Boss phase, if combined with two more Herald or Divine demons. Full offensive buffs are a significant bonus (40% score increase) that would even make slightly suboptimal team compositions better than ones consisting of mainly higher tier demons. Thankfully Seraph, which is usually within the top 3 best demons for all elements, is also a Herald demon and almost every element also has very good Herald and Divine demon options for the third slot

Generalist Archangel Boss Team
ArchPurple.png Uriel.jpg Uriel
Ideally P2 unlocked
ArchClear.png Seraph.jpg Seraph
ArchRed.png Metatron.jpg Metatron

Above is a generic example of a Generalist Archangel Boss Team. For each of those demons you will have to transfer a Single Target attack skill of the appropriate element. Other than that transfers brands and everything else can be focused on maximizing their individual damage. The following will list some options for the third slot in the Archangel team for each element in descending order of maximum potential:

Generic Boss Team

This is a generic boss phase team example. An optimal Boss team generally should consist of two main damage dealers and a Utility demon that provides some form of support (usually Buffs).

Basic Boss Team
ArchPurple.png Izanami.jpg Izanami
ArchPurple.png Abaddon A.jpg Abaddon A
Luster Candy
Life, Lead
Wants to go second in turn order
ArchPurple.png Anubis.jpg Anubis

Every single demon of course has to get a transfer of a skill of the appropriate element. In this team Abaddon A would fill the role of Utility demon and can of course be replaced with any other demon that could fill that role. Similarly Anubis and Izanami can be replaced with any other strong damage dealers.

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