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*80k HP.
*80k HP.
*Even though it does not state it -  His Force AoE '''DOES''' Pierce

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  • Long is here to fuck up your day
  • Immune to all elements.
    • So only Phys and Almighty is able to damage him.
  • 90% Evade and Acc.
  • 6x Random Hit Almighty Damage when you miss.
  • 80k HP.
  • Even though it does not state it - His Force AoE DOES Pierce


  • Dragon Storm has a Force Pierce effect on the skill that is missing in the skill description.

General Tactic

  • Two common tactics are Reflect Tank and Heavy Hitter Charge tactic.
  • If you have godlike brands and full demon panels, you can also try to kill him T1
    • See Team Section for various teams and/or Videos detailing the setup and fight.

Teams proven to work

Reika - Reflect Tactic

Team 1:

Speed & Support Speed & Support Phys DPS Support
ArchClear.png Kartikeya.jpg Kartikeya ArchPurple.png Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune Abaddon A.jpg Abaddon_A
Offensive Cry Epitome of Carnage Luster Candy
  • Kartikeya helps you reach the 30k battle speed required to start first, and provide additional accuracy for Yoshi.
  • Hell Biker need divine brands and maxed Red Zone to cast it thrice in a row.
  • Yoshitsune requires Panel 2 for triple Hassou Tobi. Panel 1 is highly recommended for the additional accuracy.
  • Abaddon Alt is used for auto-debilitate. Blood Rush or Tarukaja can be used in place of Luster Candy.
  • Use either Eileen or Kangaroo Boxer as D2. The former has a chance to generate random press turns from Hassou Tobi, while the latter gives a slight STR bonus to bump up Hassou Tobi damage.

Team 2 (Megakin as D2):

Phys Reflect Anti-Pierce Force Reflect Phys Reflect
ArchTeal.png Quetzalcoatl.jpg Quetzalcoatl ArchClear.png Alilat.jpg Alilat Mastema.jpg Mastema Rangda.jpg Rangda
Defensive Cry Lydia Tarunda Lydia
Mediarama Rakunda Rakukaja
  • Quetz is required in Teal for Reflect Physical. He is used as a support here, giving you buff control and an emergency party resurrect. Defensive Cry is the most powerful buff/debuff combo spell, swinging defense entirely to your favor.
  • Alilat is your anti-pierce unit. Lydia is great for attrition battles like these as it has no usage limits.
  • Mastema provides Reflect Force and can act as buff control in a pinch. He can be replaced with other Reflect Force units like Teal Long, but they lose out on the additional HP panels provide.
  • Rangda is your second Reflect Phys + Lydia unit. Teal Gogmagog with Resist Force + Lydia is a strictly better unit, use him if you have him!
  • Megakin D2 increases reflect damage dealt.

General strategy

  • There is a save point near the boss. Use it to reduce the number of steps required to reach him (in case you need to tweak your party).
  • Try to get to Force Berserk level 60 to soften up Dragon Wind.
  • Lead with Team 1. Pass Kartikeya's turn and cast Red Zone. Cast Hassou Tobi on Yoshi's turn and Luster Candy on the half turn. Pass again on Kartikeya, Red Zone and Hassou Tobi. On the last half turn, switch to your second team.
    • This effectively lets you take another shot at the boss with the same team later.
  • How Team 2 performs largely depends on luck. On some turns, Long will do nothing but Dragon Tooth into your reflect units, damaging himself and burning press turns. On bad turns, he will relentlessly Dragon Wind and outdamage your Lydia heals.
    • Load up your demons with HP% Life Brands and Panels if possible. The higher your max HP, the more mileage you get out of Lydia.
  • When the team inevitably falls, Team 1 will get switched in. Cast Offensive Cry and Red Zone to buff up Yoshi and hopefully give you enough damage to clean up the fight with one last Hassou Tobi.

Maaster - Reflect Tactic

  • Basically the same idea as Reika above, with slight alterations.

Team 1:

Red Zone Speed Damage Buffs
ArchTeal.png Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker ArchPurple.png Garuda.jpg Garuda ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune ArchPurple.png Ananta.jpg Ananta
Acid Breath Speedster Phys Boost
  • Ananta for buffs, Garuda for Speed, Biker for Red Zone and Acid Breath.
  • P3 Yoshi, 13% acc + 10% from Aim Set. 1900 Patk.
  • Replace Garuda with Karti if you can.
  • Use Templar as Dx2 for increased Charge damage.
  • Just Pass, RZ, Pass, Charge, Pass, Acid Breath, Pass, HT.
    • That team will die after, but its purpose - the damage - has been fulfilled.

Team 2:

Anti-Repel Pierce Force Repel Phys Repel Phys Repel
ArchClear.png Alilat.jpg Alilat ArchPurple.png Mot.jpg Mot ArchTeal.png Quetzalcoatl.jpg Quetzalcoatl ArchTeal.png Abaddon A.jpg Abaddon A
Lydia Diarahan Defensive Cry Lydia
Life Gain War Cry
  • Just Lydia everyone (Focus on Alilat and Abaddon A), keep Defensive Cry (and War Cry if you can) up and pray he will Tooth into Aba or Quetz.
    • His reflected Force AoE wont damage him, only his reflected Phys ST.
  • Diarahan for emergencies. If one or two of your team actually die, Quetz can revive.
  • Use Megakin as Dx2 for enhanced Reflect Damage.
  • Just need HP on Brands on everyone.
    • 2900 on AbaA (Lv45), 3100 on Mot (Mot doesnt need that much as he wont get hit by Force AoE), 3550 on Quetz, 3550 on Alilat (Alilat needs the most as he is your Anti Repel Pierce)
  • Turn order was Quetz-Mot-Alilat-Aba
    • Giving Alilat Lead Brands would make this easier, as you can Lydia on Half Turns. I was lazy. Dont be like me.

Buffie - Charge Seth

Team 1:

Demon 4
Feng Huang.jpg Feng Huang Garuda.jpg Garuda Yatagarasu.jpg Yatagarasu Any Demon
  • Just used for Auto-Debilitate. Team will die t1, then switch to Team 2.

Team 2:

Anti-Repel Pierce Phys Repel Force Repel Damage
ArchClear.png Alilat.jpg Alilat ArchYellow.png Mitra.jpg Mitra ArchTeal.png Long.jpg Long ArchTeal.png Seth.jpg Seth
Lydia Sukukaja Lydia Phys Amp
War Cry Tarukaja Rakukaja Charge
  • Templar Dragon as Dx2.
  • P3 Seth, Lv45 Long
  • Turn order: Alilat-Seth-Long-Mitra
  • Keep Lydia/Buffs up, Charge and Ouas with Seth.
  • Video

Japanese Player on Twitter - Turn 1 Kill

Team 1:

Debuff Demon 2 Demon 3 Demon 4
ArchTeal.png Hell Biker.jpg Hell Biker Any Demon Any Demon Any Demon
Fog Breath
  • Just cast Fog Breath.

Team 2:

Damage Buff Damage Damage
ArchRed.png Zaou-Gongen.jpg Zaou-Gongen ArchYellow.png Kartikeya.jpg Kartikeya ArchTeal.png Mara.jpg Mara ArchPurple.png Yoshitsune.jpg Yoshitsune
Savage Glee Offensive Cry Phys Amp Butcher
Great Aim Blood Rush Epitome of Carnage Charge
  • Gongen goes first to give everyone Crit, then Karti for buff, then Mara and Yoshi for Damage
  • P3 Mara, Zaou and Yoshi; P0 Karti