Brands of Sin

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A quest area where you can get special equipment for demons called Brands. It will become available as you progress through the game.

Within the Brands of Sin are three areas: Sloth, Deceit and Vanity. The sets of Brands you can get from each will differ.
Quests will initially be easy. The higher the difficulty of the quest, the higher the probability of receiving a higher rarity brand.
Each area contains 12 stages, divided into 3 encounters with the third being a boss. Approximate Levels for enemies encountered are:

  • Stage 1-5 (Lv 12-38)
  • Stage 6-9 (Lv 39-57)
  • Stage 10-12 (Lv 65-73)



Main page: Brands of Sin: Sloth

Sloth stages focus on enemies that inflict ailments.

The following brand sets can drop in Sloth quests:

  • War
  • Guard
  • Speed
  • Life


Main page: Brands of Sin: Deceit

Enemies in Deceit stages have minimal weaknesses and additional resistances.

The following brand sets can drop in Deceit quests:

  • Sick
  • Spell
  • Shield
  • Ward


Main page: Brands of Sin: Vanity

Vanity enemies specialize in healing and revival skills to draw out fights.

The following brand sets can drop in Vanity quests:

  • Aim
  • Dodge
  • Heal
  • Lead

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