Aura Gate

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Aura Gate is split up into three different Zones:

Action Points are consumed while crawling inside Aura Gate 1 and Aura Gate 2, which are restored at a rate of 1 per minute. The maximum amount of Action Points is raised as the player levels up. Special Aura Gates don't consume the global Action Points, as they have different rules.

Aura Gate

Aura Gate is an area that features a randomly generated dungeon with 50 floors. It's open 0~55 minutes every hour and randomized/reset during the 5 minutes that it isn't available.

Hollow World

Aura Gate 2.0: Hollow World is an Aura Gate with slightly different game rules, which is unlocked after clearing the 30th floor of AG1.

Aura Gate SP

Special Aura Gates are only available during some events. They have fixed maps, chosen at random, and the goal is to collect as many Points before heading to the boss room. The run ends when all Action Points are consumed, or when your party gets wiped, or when you have defeated the boss, or the event expires.

Rewards may be claimed for an extended period after the event is over, thus, a new AG-SP is never available on the next event, as the button to access it stays in place for the exchanges.

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