Aura Gate

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Aura Gate is split up into three different Zones:

  • Aura Gate
  • Hollow World (Also known as Aura Gate 2.0 or AG2)
  • Aura Gate SP

Aura Gate

Aura Gate is an area that features a randomly generated dungeon with 50 floors. It's open 0~55 minutes every hour and randomized the floors during the 5 minutes that it isn't available. Action power is consumed while inside Aura Gate, which restores at 1 per minute.

Main Article: Aura Gate 1

Hollow World

Main Article: Hollow World

Aura Gate SP

Special Aura gate only available during events. Has a fixed map chosen at random, the goal is to collect as much point before heading to the boss room. The run ends when all steps are consumed or when your party gets wiped, or when you have defeated the boss.


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