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(Standard and Mayhem Quests)
(List of Advent Quests)
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[[Master Assassin]] </br> [[Phys Pierce]] </br> [[Phys Amp]]
[[Master Assassin]] </br> [[Phys Pierce]] </br> [[Phys Amp]]
|| 8/8/2019- 8/17/2019
|| 8/8/2019- 8/17/2019
|[[File: Rama.jpg|100px|link=Rama]] <br> [[Rama]] ||
[[Ice Pierce]] </br> Fast Makara Br. </br> ([[Makara Break]] at the start of each turn)
|| 8/14/2019 - 8/24/2019

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Advent is a type of stage added to the game along with the Spirit Merge feature. It helps you gain spirit points for certain demons that can be used to upgrade them through Spirit Merge. Advent quests are divided into normal and Mayhem quests and are in rotation for 10 days at a time. Advent quests are accessed through the Demon Buster page in the game. As of the writing of this page (August 12th 2019), Advent quests are only available for gacha-only demons.

Standard and Mayhem Quests

  • Standard quests can be cleared once per day during that quest's rotation period, and gives you 5 spirits each time you clear it.
  • Mayhem quests can be cleared once during that quest's rotation period, and gives you 20 spirits when you clear it.
  • You get a maximum of 70 spirits per each rotation
  • Standard and Mayhem quests both costs 5 stamina to run.
  • Standard and Mayhem quests are both single wave fight that pits you against the rotation's featured demon (i.e. Advent Alice has you fight Alice, Advent Trumpeter has you fight Trumpeter)
  • The boss demons you fight in Advent quests are billed as level 50 awakened common archetype version of that demon. They may have non-standard awakening skills if compared to compendium (e.g. Null Phys on Yoshitsune) and powerful or otherwise normally inaccessible inherited skills (such as Dark Pierce and Phys Pierce) inherited skills, but their skill set is otherwise completely mundane.
  • Both standard and Mayhem quests disallows items and support demons
  • Standard and Mayhem quests of the same demon pits you against the exact same demon, with the difference being the restrictions placed on Mayhem quests in addition to disallowing items and support demons:
    1. Dx2 skills are disabled
    2. All brand effects are disabled (both brand stats and brand set effects)

List of Advent Quests

This is a list of Advent quests and the skills that each boss demon on that quest possesses, sorted chronogically by their first appearance.

Demon Awakening and Inherited Skills Quest Period

Soul Drain
Resist Light
Dark Pierce


Null Phys
Phys Pierce
Great Aim


Makara Break


Master Assassin
Phys Pierce
Phys Amp

8/8/2019- 8/17/2019

Ice Pierce
Fast Makara Br.
(Makara Break at the start of each turn)

8/14/2019 - 8/24/2019