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The AR Demon Scanner is an optional thing that can be accessed from the title screen. There's another version in-game but it gives no rewards and is only for taking fun pictures. In AR Demon Scanner, you take pictures of certain things/animals/objects

  • It's much easier to just look up images for these said things... Trust me some scanners like the scale is very picky so it's better just to look them up.
  • Using AR Demon Scanner isn't something that I recommend for a long term investment as 365 days will net you 1825000 MAG but this is rather low for something that must done daily. Note: It used to be 10 daily gems but was changed as of 2/20/2020.
  • The one time rewards such MAG/Macca/Superior Summon Files are worth the effort. Completing these should be the long term goal.

AR Summon Guide

Demon Race Rank Decoder Accepted Gifts
Angel Divine 1 Light Rosary, Celestial Shawl
Anubis Avatar 6 Scale Sæhrímnir Meat, Mead of Poetry
Apsaras Yoma 2 Blue Rosary, Celestial Shawl
Arianrhod Megami 5 Knife Rosary, Celestial Shawl
Baphomet Vile 6 Horn Rosary, Salmon of Wisdom
Cerberus Beast 3 Dog Sæhrímnir Meat, Warrior's Helm
Cu Chulainn Genma 6 Fork Sæhrímnir Meat, Mead of Poetry
Cu Sith Beast 1 Leaf Sæhrímnir Meat, Metasequoia Leaf
Decarabia Fallen 3 Eye Killer Poison, Nebra Sky Disc
Dominion Divine 3 Coffee Rosary, Salmon of Wisdom
Hamsa Avian 1 Shoreline Rosary, Lucky Rake
Hare of Inaba UMA 1 Carrot Sæhrímnir Meat, Warrior's Helm
Hequet Holy 4 Polkadots Sæhrímnir Meat, Branch of Horai
Illuyanka Dragon 2 Glass Cup Killer Poison, Mysterious Scale
Ishtar Megami 9 Jewel Rosary, Celestial Shawl
Kinmamon Enigma 2 Ball Sæhrímnir Meat, Metasequoia Leaf
Lailah Herald 5 Hat Rosary, Celestial Shawl
Leanan Sidhe Femme 2 Ring Killer Poison, Golden Apple
Lilim Night 4 Bed Killer Poison, Golden Apple
Lilith Night 8 Apple Killer Poison, Golden Apple
Metatron Herald 10 Computer Rosary, Salmon of Wisdom
Mokoi Night 1 Tree Killer Poison, Mysterious Scale
Nekomata Beast 2 Cat Sæhrímnir Meat, Branch of Horai
Oni Brute 2 Bottle Killer Poison, Draconite
Ose Fallen 5 Plastic Bottle Killer Poison, Draconite
Patrimpas Dragon 3 Leek Killer Poison, Draconite
Pixie Fairy 1 Palm Sæhrímnir Meat, Branch of Horai
Raiju Wilder 4 Cable Sæhrímnir Meat, Warrior's Helm
Reiko Kashima Rumor 4 Shoe Sæhrímnir Meat, Branch of Horai
Sandalphon Herald 7 Smartphone Rosary, Salmon of Wisdom
Sarasvati Megami 6 Guitar Rosary, Celestial Shawl
Setanta Fairy 4 Scarf Sæhrímnir Meat, Warrior's Helm
Shiva Fury 7 Wine Glass Killer Poison, Nebra Sky Disc
Succubus Night 5 Bathtub Killer Poison, Golden Apple
Thor Kishin 7 Tower Killer Poison, Nebra Sky Disc
Titania Fairy 7 Vase Sæhrímnir Meat, Branch of Horai
Trumpeter Fiend 9 Trumpet Sæhrímnir Meat, Mead of Poetry